8 Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

Spring and summer 2022 is setting itself up to be a memorable fashion season. The runways gave us some great new looks that we are excited to see in stores and gracing the streets over the next few months. Start your seasonal shopping after you take a read through the latest looks.

We’ve narrowed down the top 8 current fashion trends to look forward to:

1. Accessorized Legs

Fashion tights are making their way into the warmer months at full steam. Patterned tights in a range of colors and designs are a new and interesting way to highlight a special skirt, dress, or pair of shorts. We love lace looks and other classic patterns with innovative twists, such as feathers, fringe, embroidery, and cut-outs. 

Make your look high-fashion by creating a fashionable ensemble with designer tights and accentuate with a statement shoe. 

2. Cut Outs

We expect to see this trend in most of the brick-and-mortar stores this upcoming spring and summer seasons. Looks with cut outs that reveal skin or another layer of clothing underneath are modern and a bit futuristic. 

Dresses, shirts, and skirts with triangular and asymmetric cut-outs are exciting looks to bring into your seasonal wardrobe. Highlighting the futuristic element of an outfit with cut-outs with chunky boots or sandals is a great styling choice. Choosing strappy sandals or delicate heels or pumps are another great styling choice. Play up your creativity with a cut out look.  

3. Sheer Styles

Sheer looks are another big trend. Daytime sheer looks are great when layering. Keep underlayers smooth and choose color combinations that are similar for a contemporary style.   

Taking sheer looks into night brings in an element of elegance and leans towards the provocative. Again, layering sheer fabrics provides coverage and still retains the elegance of this trend. 

Flowing sheer looks are our favorites, though form-fitting sheers can also be beautifully styled. 

4. Ultra-Feminine

Delicate, feminine touches that are found in ruffles, lace, and feminine fabrics are another favorite this season. 

Flowing silhouettes and high-necks help complement this mix of victorian and bohemian.  When you choose these new styles, try to stay away from a costumey-like look. Full feminine looks can be pulled off, but look for styling clues from your favorite fashion outlets. You can also pair feminine pieces with harder elements for contrast. 

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Harness your inner Bridgerton with femininity!

5. Netted Knits

Crochet meets fishnet when it comes to this next trend. Another contemporary bohemian style involves netted knits in a range of colors. Think fishing nets turns fashionable. 

Long tanks, overshirts, and dresses in netted knits are lovely layered with great separates.  Another skin showing style, bring modestly into the mix with strategic coverage. 

Steamy styles are in for 2022. 

6. Low Rise Waists

The low rise is back. The 90s trend is repeating itself (like so many fashion trends do).  

Look for low slung skirts, low rise waist denim and more. We like low rise denim simply styled with a casual shirt and pants. We also love skirts with low waists paired with belly baring tops.  Layer for extra coverage and for cool breezes.

7. Pleated Skirts

Another skirt look that shines is the pleated skirt. Midi and maxi lengths are the most featured this season. Small to medium size pleats are a great way to add volume to your silhouette. 

Pair your pleated skirt with a fitted shirt or a flowing top. Unique fabrics like satin and prints are great statement skirts. Cotton blends and other poly-blends make for a go-to capsule wardrobe piece

Shoes we love to match with pleated skirts are mules, boots, and chunky heels. 

8. White Suiting

Another great option for spring and summer 2022 is the classic white suit. White pants and a white suit jacket are a classic combination making a comeback this season.  

Oversize silhouettes and shapes are also in style, so seek something new when shopping.  White on white on white is a great look! 

Play Around With These Fashion Trends

Stay on the best dressed list this summer with the latest in looks off the runways. From all white suiting to ultra-feminine ruffles, shop for some of the best in stunning styles for spring and summer. Keep an eye open for fashionable tights, netted knit looks, cut-outs, low rise waists, pleated skirts and more!

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