A Bagslag’s Dream!

Bagslag is an independent handbag design brand created in 2003 by Lee Sylvester.

Lee has worked as a clothing and accessories designer for Sergio Tacchini, Puma and Umbro, clothing sports stars such as David Beckham and the England Football Team – but she wanted to focus on her passion for bags.

I was recently contacted by this company as I often am, but what stood out first was their name. Bagslag is one of the most clever names I’ve heard in a while for a company, especially a bag company. I haven’t actually seen a bagslag bag but aside from the name being so clever, their designs are pretty clever as well.

My personal favorite is the Tracey designer bag and – considering it is designer..technically.. the price is definitely not the kind you shy away from. This has become a signature piece for the label. It’s made from a spiral cut piece of leather fastened together with a long zip wrapping around the bag. It’s made from leather clutch sized, nickel metal zip fastening with leather strap and rivets. Fully lined in Hot Pink Taffeta. Featuring a long continuous zip which fully opens out the bag. Who’s thought of that, I ask you?! Wont be losing anything inside this bag.

Bagslag bags rock! /></a></p>
<p>The tracey is a little bit punk, a little bit rock & roll and a whole lot of pink. Things I like very much. If they ever felt like sending me a sample *hint* this would be the one. </p>
<p>It also comes in black, silver and white, also great colors for any time of day. </p>
<p>Also, just in. If you sign up with their newsletter you’ll get a special holiday promo on their items. They also offer fast shipping for those of us NOT in the UK. </p>
<p><a href=//www.bagslag.com/

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