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phorce bag

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on the road, at an airport or to a cafe to find my laptop, tablet and phone dead within a short time because there weren’t any plugins left open. In a car at least I can plug in my phone via USB but I’ve tried converters for the car and nearly fried my laptop and the converter in the process. For some reason our tablet just doesn’t charge in the car at all and although it has a long battery life, when it’s charged, it seems to die when it’s not even on. Then and I’m stuck with no devices at all that I can work from and bored out of my mind in some cases/places.

Luckily for me and other travelers it’s the future! Things we never could have imagined even a few years ago are being invented every day, and on the side of travel and devices, power is probably the biggest thing holding us back. However, this is only a temporary set back as a new smart bag company, Phorce, has shown me via their kickstarter page and it can only get better from here on out.

phorce bag

They may not be the most stylish things, but we know how to perk up our own accessories don’t we? (try some patches from Quiet Liar), and as the company grows, because it will, they will certainly team up with some awesome designers in the future. At the moment they’re a little basic but so functional and useful, that I bet Vivienne Westwood herself will own at least 3.

phorce bags

phorce bag2


Charge all your devices.
Phorce can charge up to 3 usb-devices simultaneously. Charge smartphones, tablets, iPods, GoPro and other cameras, smart watches, portable speakers, noise-canceling headphones, and thousands of other devices.

Power your MacBook.
On top of charging all your other gear, Phorce for Mac can also power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours*. So leave that bulky wall charger at home, and enjoy the freedom to work (or play) from anywhere.

Serious mobile power.

Thanks to its integrated lightweight battery pack, Phorce is powerful enough to charge an iPhone 5 over 8 times, a Galaxy S3 about 6 times, or an iPad Mini 2.5 times. Phorce has more power than you’ll need, so it’s always there when you need it.


Learn more about or donate to the Phorce project at kickstarter.com

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