A Winter Fitness Regime and What To Wear

What to wear for a winter fitness routine may sound trivial, and I thought so too til I discovered the benefits of quality leggings and a warm, insulated hoodie. I used to just wear my hiking shoes, a winter coat and whatever layers of leggings and pants I could find for my long hikes or trail runs on cold days. It was uncomfortable, cumbersome and often left me with chafing legs, or snags on my nice winter coat from bushes and trees due to the bulkiness. I never knew I could be warm and comfortable on a winter workout – and finally not look like I’m running from a bear!

Superdry is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. They are characterized by quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, unique detailing, world leading hand-drawn graphics and tailored fits with diverse styling. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal as well as an international celebrity following.

What I have now is a pair of grey and neon green leggings, and a black and hot pink hoodie from Superdry Sportswear. I’m in love with the neon highlights, design elements, and quality construction….I have a habit of being a cheapskate or just “winging it” with what I have to stay within my fashion budget, so these are literally the nicest workout clothes I’ve let myself have.

I honestly never thought my legs would be warm enough in crop leggings but I don’t feel a thing with their stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, and the hoodie is fleece lined and so warm! It zips up all the way to my neck without making me feel choked and has thumb holes on the sleeves for extra coverage. Neither my hands nor my neck have been cold once on a hike or run and I’ve even been wearing it as my winter coat in temps as low as 0C/32F for short errands outside with no complaints.

I often take my dog with me on my runs so she can stay in shape as well. She would stay out there for hours in any weather and I find I’m able to go on longer runs and hikes when I don’t have to fight layers on a trail run and she has a much better time as well. It’s encouraging that something as simple as some new clothes can keep make my routine more trouble free. After last winter in North Carolina, I thought I was going to give up entirely on winter runs. The winter here in Colorado will be even more harsh and I’ll be ready for most days, whether inside or out.

Autumn hike and trail run in the forest…





My Ortiz Hiking Shoes are great for all weather as well!
My Ortiz Hiking Shoes are great for all weather as well!

/// My routine: A 2 mile morning hike with my dog after about 20 minutes of stretches. Work all day while sitting on a balance ball 50% of the time, then an evening trail run with my dog for about 1.5 miles. Not that impressive but it’s a routine and a start! I really want to lose at least 10lbs by the end of the winter, so the fact that I have something comfortable to wear it key.///

And then it snowed….

In the mornings at home, when I do my stretches and yoga, the fireplace has long gone out and the whole cabin is in the low 60s at best. I usually just want to stay in bed or tool around in my long cardigan, but my new Superdry hoodie is so warm and comfortable that I’ve been getting up without complaint to do my morning routine. I usually stick with Pilates, but have been throwing in some yoga here and there, not much til I can take a class next spring.



My favorite features…

Aside from the warmth, there’s so many great things about this set.

  • The hoodie has an inside pocket, great for my phone – which I can’t go without because I may see a deer, interesting mushroom or my dog in some great light (not kidding).
  • There’s also a zip pocket on the back of the hoodie near the bottom if I really want my phone out of the way or to bring my ID.
  • Reflective ribbon on the collar and reflective ink on the leggings make me visible at dawn and dusk.
  • Keeps the wind out better than my cheap ASOS puffer jacket and is also all synthetic materials.
  • The pull strings on the hood will never get lost inside the hood and can be cinched into place to keep the hood on while you vigorously jostle around on a cold jog.
  • The fleece is in all the right places, and by right I mean not in my armpit where I’ll just end up sweating but all around my core which is what you want to keep warm.
  • As a pet owner, the fabric is pretty much fur proof, a HUGE consideration for me since I’m completely fed up with fabrics that attract fur.
  • The pants also have a zip pocket over the lower back for my ID if I wanted to go out with just a top and no hoodie.
  • Double layer zipper for extra heat retention!
  • Subtle and/or tasteful logos throughout – and I’m usually against giant logos but the vertical logo on the leg and arm are a nice touch.
Reflective collar.
Inside Pocket – notice no fur?! I have 2 and a white dog!
Cinching and elastic hood strings and double zippers!
Lower back pocket on Hoodie


I look forward to the spring when I can shop more of their line, and by then, hopefully look fit enough to wear their hot vests and sports bras!
Shop all their great stuff at Superdry.com

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