Accessories That Will Improve Any Man’s Look This Spring

Men's Denim Jackets are on Fleek

This spring, it’s time to change your look. Let’s face it, you’ve probably been wandering around in the same clothes for a long time – and even if you’ve recently bought a pair of new jeans, pairing them with the same old shirts, jackets and shoes won’t do you any favours. Here are some tips on which accessories you should go for over the next few months that will make you look fresh and slick.


New Shoes

Men's Shoes and Boots


When you’re out on a date, one of the first things that women look at are your shoes – and they’re also something that you might just get rejected based on. During the summer, you need a decent pair of sneakers to pair with casual jeans and shorts, but you should go for Vans or low top Converse instead of anything chunkier. Nikes are in at the moment, but the question is: how long will they be in for? A more classic style will look good all year long. The other thing you should invest in is a good pair of ankle boots. Whether they’re brown or black, synthetic-leather, canvas or hemp, make sure that you wear them in and get them comfortable and scuffed.


A Good Watch

Men's Watches and Accessories
If you want to look like you’ve really got your life together, then you need to wear a decent watch. The one you choose might vary depending on what your personal style is – if you’re a little more quirky then you might go for a natural strap (we love wood watches personally) but if you like more bling, you could always go for a gold or metallic design. Take a look on a site like ShopWorn watches to figure out what style is for you – the best way to decide is to do some research. The most important thing about your new watch is that it’s easy to read. Sounds obvious? Sure, but a lot of watches have overly complicated faces and the most important thing about your watch is ease of use.


Denim Jackets

If you’re looking for a jacket this summer, then look no further: denim is the best look out there. Denim on denim might not be the best look ever, but you can always go for a jacket that’s a different colour than most of your jeans, like grey. Denim’s a good look because it’s casual and a lot cooler than any padded jackets that you might have purchased to wear over the winter. If you want to keep wearing your denim jacket into the colder months or if it’s cooler where you live, you could go for one with a sheepskin lining.


Good Skincare

Men need to wash their faces too!

Does this count as an accessory? That doesn’t matter: it’s important no matter what else you want to do with your appearance. Keeping your skin in good condition is particularly important over the summer – make sure you apply sunscreen to any part of your body that’s going to be hit by the sun’s rays. This will stop any fine lines appearing on your face and will keep the rest of your skin in good condition.

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