Animal Clothing: The Comeback of Sports Fashion

It’s never been that fashionable to be sporty. The fashion icons of today such as Olivia Palermo or globally recognised fashion blogger Susanna Lau wouldn’t be seen dead rocking their gym gear at the supermarket. And it wasn’t until ‘sports luxe’ covered the catwalks for SS13 that anyone in the fashion even considered wearing joggers and hi tops on a casual day.

Whilst designers such as Ashish Gupta and Richard Nicoll are bringing back the sports luxe fashion, we also have the success of the London Olympics shining a light on the more understated, much more casual look.

Today, Animal Clothing is still heavily influenced by the extreme sports enthusiast but its latest casual range offers a blank canvas for surfer girls who want to get a relaxed daytime look.

Sports Fashion and its Most Influential Celebs

Celebs are the tectonic plates beneath the fashion world. One move can erupt a fashion trend and every catwalk show trickles down to the masses. Sports luxe is going to come and go but there are celebs out there who live and swear by their sporty approach to fashion.  And some of Animal Clothing’s SS13 highlights are perfect for recreating that surfer girl look.

  1. Cameron Diaz – she is the original beach babe. Ms Diaz has been riding those waves as long as she’s been on our screens and she’s the ultimate blonde beach babe. Animal Clothing takes inspiration from beach beauties such as Cameron Diaz and there’s a very cool, not-trying-too-hard element to the way Cameron dresses.
  2. Vanessa Hudgens – she was a childhood sweetheart star who has blossomed into a gorgeous and influential woman. Her love of surfing appeals to the younger fashion audience.
  3. Maggie Gyllenhaal – Maggie Gyllenhaal is the celeb world’s quirky girl in fashion. She has an alternative look and her style reaches out to people who love to be different. Her love of extreme water sports brings back the ‘cool’ in casual.

Surfing Celebrities

A Look at Animal Clothing SS13

In this year’s hottest Animal clothing picks, there are a range of beach style dresses which are perfect for a girly yet casual look, print bikinis such as polka dot, geometric or floral print, stylish accessories such as skater shoes and daytime faux leather look bags.

Top sellers include graphic print tees, which have been hot since 2012 and are continuing to be a high street favourite for both men and women in SS13, a range of different prints including the ever popular geometric pattern.

If you would like more information about the SS13 range from Animal Clothing, make sure you check out the Animal Clothing Sale from Shore.

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