Another British Fashion Invasion?

British Invasion!
British Invasion!
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Fashion Week is over and a striking new trend is really not all that new! Retro mod-inspired looks from British fashion houses Burberry, Moschino, and Temperley are all the rage and crossing the Atlantic like a storm. Shagadelic, baby! In the 1960s, the shops of England’s Carnaby Street defined the look of the Swinging Sixties with miniskirts, go-go boots, wild chunky color patterns, and eyes as big as the hair. London’s Soho district’s sense of fashion took over America in the mid-1960s when Time magazine featured the hippie and mod shops of that famous fashion street on their cover.

While this next wave of British fashion invasion isn’t an exact copy of days gone by, much inspiration from, and nostalgia for, these days of hepcat yore has led to some looks that our parents (or grandparents!) might find familiar. Remember, you’re not going to a costume party! Vintage vogue should be incorporated into your style for fun, not for museum level replication. Have fun with it and consider these trends when you’re cool-hunting for new threads.

Brit Looks for Women

Want to glom onto this trend? It’s easy to get into the swing of things!

  • A-line dresses with geometric construction, minimalist style and sleek lines. 2 different contrasting collection gives a unique look and maximizes by the use of silk stripes. Best combination is Trouser Suits With A-line Shirts for non-formal parties

  • Hemlines are rising. Variety of collection (in sizes and coloring) make this invasion stronger and appealing than others. There is no movie in hollywood that does not feature this dress. People say the stock market rises as skirts do!

  • Big, teased hair in a modern interpretation of the classic, but a bit much, beehive. Also, blonde. For the last 50 years, increase the british fashion fans ten fold. It is a  most hot topic in the modeling industry.

  • Outrageously large sunglasses and bright silk scarves. Sunglasses does not mean welding ones. Either it is a sunshine or catwalk these glasses play their roles. Silk scarves are catching ladies attention because of the winter resistant, low weight and luxurious style.

  • Emphasis on those nice stems rather than cleavage distinguish between fashion and other stuff.

  • If it is winter, and nobody remember tweeds (it is not fair). Tweeds combines beauty and necessity at one place. Same is the case with Twill, this 45 degree crossing thread piece is  a specialty of british dresses. Plaids, that is made of woven cloth and has the same pattern as Tweed and Twill. Tartan,Gingham and Border tartan,Tattersall,Madras are some other names for Plaids. And patent – keep it textured, but subtle.

  • Heavy on the eye make-up, but light on the lips.

  • Tight, knee-high, boots in low or high heel or a classic, pointy-toed pump.

  • Keep warm with cardigans and faux fur anything, in every color that nature never intended.

  • High waists on skirts and pants, no tramp-stamp exposure in this trend.

  • Hats!

If all else fails, slap a Union Jack on it and call it a day, mate!

Author Bio:

Adam writes articles for roupas para bebe. He also attended 3 courses related to silk cutting and machine handling. Last year he was in NYC to attend the fashion week. Other than his work, he likes to curate content, play football and reading comics.


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