Arm The Animals – Clothing With Fight!

It may not be the main focus of Street but it’s always in our foundation. We’re animal loving vegans with three rescue pets who support animal rights groups around the world. Don’t mix politics and business people say?  I was never very good at taking that advice. We don’t publish blogs featuring leather or any animal products, nor products that test on animals. The plight of our furry friends is too big to ignore. Animals are a huge part of all of our lives, in one way or another, and sometimes you just gotta shout it out! That’s why I love Arm the Animals – they create clothes that help you show your love of animals!

“Starting online with a simple website, ATA began attending every animal event in Southern California where their designs spoke directly to most of the attendees. By creating universally relatable designs with no political agenda attached to them, ATA had a design for almost every person who saw them and they soon began making friends in the world of animal rescues.

ATA soon formed relationships with these rescues and began donating to them on a consistent basis. We develop designs and/or collection that speak to the core values of our partners and donate a generous portion of the proceeds from each campaign. We also provide product free of charge for partners to sell and keep and even host full web stores on our website. ATA has worked with and donated to over 50 different animal welfare organizations most of whom are smaller in size, so any amount of money really does make an impact with shelter, food, vet bills and other basics all rescues simply must have. … read more

Their designs are one of a kind and truly fun while also sending a message. We are their voiced and we can speak with both actions and words! Check out these awesome designs that speak for furries great and small!  –

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