Spring Travel Essential: Aromaflage Perfume, Natural Ingredients, Repels Mosquitoes!

Spring is coming and soon, everyone’s worst enemy will fill the air – mosquitoes. Why not beat them to it and smell good while you do it? A new perfume called Aromoflage, thusly named because it camouflages you from this persistent enemy, is a perfume that uses natural essential oils, Vanilla, Orange Peel and Cedarwood, all of the highest quality and natural insect repellents. It coes in both a 1.7 oz. bottle and a  travel size Aromaflage . 3oz purse bottle.

“No more toxic chemicals, no more ingredients you can’t pronounce. Scents so utterly compelling, Aromoflage is the travel essential for all your exotic journeys and experiences. So go kiss the world and in return, love bites only!”




This great perfume also comes in the “Wild Collection” – also an insect repellent in its nature thanks to spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood and snappy spruce, and “Botanical Sleep Fragrance“, great for those who need a little extra help in the evenings via lavender, Madagascar vanilla and Brazilian rose.



Everyone is a bit concerned about the Zika virus just now, and with good cause. It’s not only affecting pregnant women and babies, but it can cause fever, rash and joint pain in anyone exposed to it. Of course this isn’t the only reason to try and keep mosquitoes away, depending on where you travel, mosquitoes can spread Lyme disease, malaria and a myriad of other parasitic and viral based infections.

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