Aspire Eyewear – Featherlight and Flexible Glasses

I end up getting a few pairs of glasses a year. Excessive I know, but between reviews and it being a sort of obsession I have to find the perfect pair, it just happens that way. This time, the test subject is Aspire Eyewear, an innovative, technology driven company with the goal of making your glasses feel invisible. Is that possible? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is.

The first thing you notice about them is that they weight almost nothing, as advertised. Aspire claimed that they’re 50% lighter than typical plastic frames, and 50% thinner, and they surely are. It’s surprising really, because with the light weight you would expect them to be fragile, but they’re tough as nails or, “SDN-4,” a nylon material specific to Aspire.  You can literally bend them in half and they’ll bounce right back to their original position, preferably with the lenses out of course. In the case this happens by accident, which is a major reason they are the way they are, the lenses are super easy to pop back in. I haven’t sat or slept on them yet, but I will, and when I do, I won’t be worried a bit.


glasses-3My BIGGEST complaint about my previous glasses is the ability to adjust them, and comfort. Almost all of my previous glasses have been solid plastic frames with only an internal wire. The wire gets worn out with multiple adjustments and they’re spent in no time. My Ray Ban glasses, ones I’ve had for years now, are the worst pair I’ve owned – and I’ve had a lot of glasses. Mainly because they lose their adjustment every few days and start sliding down my nose like granny glasses in no time at all. They’ve been adjusted so many times that the internal wire is probably permanently damaged and they basically need to be tossed.. but I like having variety around and haven’t done that yet… any technological solution to this issue is very welcome!
The Aspire frames have the adjustable nose pieces and flexible wire arms. I should have converted sooner. The frame material is incredibly strong, offering shape memory, heat resistance, and they don’t fade in the sun – a bonus if you’re like me and travel a lot, hike a lot and spend as much time outdoors as possible. 

I took them on a hike among some sequoia trees to try them out. They neither gave me a headache nor fell off my face, which is often the case with my old glasses. In fact I forgot they were there most of the time, unless I was looking for a good place for a photo of them, and since I haven’t had the prescription filled yet, I would normally take a pair of glasses off but I repeatedly forgot they were there


They offer a variety of styles and colors, and even sunglasses, for both men and women. I need to go back and pick out another pair already! I’m sort of in love with the zebra pattern and tortoise shell just now. Check out some of these styles below and find a location on their website at!

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