My Autumn Picks For Everyone On The Spring Shopping App

Screenshot_2015-10-08-19-59-14I just moved to Colorado. Land of aspen leaves in the fall and tons of snow in the winter, I need some new clothes and fast! While sitting on my phone last night, trying to shop, and ending up at the same old t-shirt sites I go to every summer, I realized I needed to rethink shopping for a while. I searched around the app store on my android phone and found the Spring shopping app!

You can shop over 800 brands, for men and women, from all price ranges, boutique to couture, I’m in love. I made an impromptu list of my favorite picks so far, for both myself and my boyfriend, from autumn to winter styles.

Long sleeves, thick coats, comfortable pants, we’re ready!

For me, I went with some great brands and a range of prices. The more affordable things on my list counter the more pricey things, and it all evens out, right?

You can favorite things and save them for later, check out more details, share it on your social networks to get an opinion from friends and browse more items from a brand you like. I’ve abandoned Facebook…it’s boring anyway, I’m much happier checking out some styles to fill my closet, and ones I can’t afford, I can just dream about!

for me:

for him:

If you ever had any doubts about how great you’ll look this autumn, Spring is your answer. Especially if you’re tired of the options at the local mall, tagless boutiques or like me, same t-shirt shops over and over again. I can’t keep putting layers over the top of clever tees and hoping someone notices them. I need to work on the layers when it comes to this time of year.

Good Shopping!

download the app here: Spring – Shop Over 800 Brands

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