Back To Basics: Things No Man Should Leave Home Without

Men don’t really think about accessories; as long as they leave the house with their keys, phones, and money in their pockets then they reckon they’re good to go. Perhaps it’s because they don’t care, or because men admittedly have fewer choices than women; after all, there aren’t very many who would happily walk around wearing jewelery. That said, that doesn’t mean that men can’t take any pride in their appearance. One of the biggest distinctions between boys and men is the contents of their wardrobe. To draw the right kind of attention when you step out the door, here are a few accessories no man should leave the house without.


For most men, this is one of the few accessories that qualifies as a long-term investment. It might cost more than you would like, but a good watch should last years, and will never go out of style. While you could argue that you only need to look at your phone to see the time, you can tell a lot about a man by his taste in watches. Simply owning one suggests that you are practical, stylish, and are good at time management. You can have just one watch, or you can start a collection with tips from Mensfitness. Either way, it still looks good when matched with a stunning suit.


The time for sticking notes and loose change into your pockets is long over. Shopping for wallets isn’t as easy as actually owning one; the different sizes, prices, and styles are enough to make anyone’s head spin. But you can just check out Walletisland for something that suits you. The idea of a large, bulging wallet sticking out against your skinny jeans might not be appealing, but with contactless payment available on our cards and phones there is no reason for your wallet to be bulky if you’re careful. Just use it to store a few cards and a bit of cash. Alternatively, you could go for a simple cardholder to make things a little easier.


The baggy trousers style never should have happened, and it should be banished from your mind if you want to look like a grown man. A high quality belt can last you for a pretty long period of time, significantly ups your style game, and it will keep your trousers around your waist where they belong. Black and chocolate brown are among the colors that can make huge difference for those who want to stand out in the crowd, but always make sure to match your belt with your shoes.

Messenger bags

Bags are not an accessory made solely for women; after all, women aren’t the only ones who would like to carry around an assortment of necessary items throughout the day. Image being able to carry your phone charger with you instead of fretting about your dying battery? Stylish men’s messenger bags compliment a great looking attire and they are extremely practical for carrying various important items.

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