Baddie Winkle, The Grandma You Hope You Will Be

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Baddie Winkle may be grandma but she isn’t ready to slow down at all. Nope, she’s busy partying it up, doing modeling gigs in LA, and becoming an Instagram celeb. Watch out, Baddie Winkle is a trouble maker!

Winkle is now 86 years old, but by just scanning her Instagram feed, you can instantly tell she’s still young at heart! The colors she chooses work incredibly well together. Her photos are extremely creative and full of edgy adventures. And her captions will leave you laughing so hard you might actually have to call Life Alert!

More recently, Winkle has started modeling for the LA swim suite company, Dimepiece. The really knew what they were doing when they brought this fire cracker onboard!

Go on, follow her right now ! You won’t regret it.

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