Beautiful New Ardentees

Ardentees is a great collaborative effort of design meets fashion that has for quite a while now been haunting my dreams, in a good way. The designs are ones you wouldn’t expect to see on tees on just any people on the street. No bold text with cliche slogans, no pop culture references or famous people, teams or bands – just art and innovative use of t-shirt space. You really have to check out the designs yourself (see below)because no string of adjectives will really do them any justice.

“The limited edition collection is the showcase and dissemination of designs from a myriad of emerging artists from all over the world, put together with the mind to create an avenue for artistic experimentation and stimulate creativity. Through the collaboration with this new breed of creatives, we offer a unique, statement-making and audacious piece of collectible for its wearer. Each design was created and chosen for the individualist in everyone.” – ARDT

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