Beauty Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week

The Fashion Week in Paris in the event of the year for many fashion lovers. Many people don’t understand the art that hides behind the tendencies that show up in runways like that. Every designer tries to present a tendency, something that will become popular, or to give an homage to some retro look or trend. Whether it is the eyes, the lips, the hair, or just exaggerated dresses, futuristic style, or maybe a new version of some previous trend, it is worth seeing it even if you wouldn’t personally try on some of the tendencies it promotes. Let’s mention some of the main beauty inspirations from the Paris Fashion Week and discuss them more thoroughly. 

Exaggerated eyeliner

This appliance of makeup truly makes your eyes the focus of all the attention. Brands like Valentino and Givenchy used it for their models as a rebellious way of breaking the symmetry fashion rules. Emphasizing the eye area is not such a new fashion trend since it dates back to ancient times when even the Old Egyptians did it with eyeliner. Just remember Liz Tayler in an iconic movie of Cleopatra. Valentino and Givenchy took it to the next level though, making a super winged eyeliner with some extra lateral decorations that resemble zoomed-in eyelashes. It is something pretty bold and unique. In case you wanted to do something similar as a part of your fashion outfit, you should, later on, take care of your eye area so it doesn’t get inflamed. Check some Wholly her eye masks for that matter and enjoy this daring look. 

Glossy lips

Photo by Gabb Tapique from Pexels

For so much time we have enjoyed the matte lipsticks that now some glossy lips come as a refreshment and adds some healthy shine to the whole look. The reasons for preferring matte lipstick were mostly practical, among other things. It could never get sticky and if the wind was blowing your hair was safe with no possibility of getting a mess. However, a change is good from time to time and this one brings us back to our origins when we were experimenting with makeup at high school and as a result, had pouty, moisturized, and plump lips, just like Giambattista Valli’s models from this runway. Remember the good times with this style and use soft pastels for a nice, feminine look. 

Braids and bows

After eyes and lips, the next thing we pay attention to the most is our hair. Let’s see what was interesting related to this. Chanel presented us with a punk version of braided hairstyle and it looked fierce. It is something different from a fashion house that usually offers a very classical and ladylike style. This time they were out of the frame and it looked very convincing making the whole silhouette look powerful. Another thing that caught the attention of people was bow hairstyles. Gilbert is responsible for this Lady Gaga-like hairstyle that makes every hair easily noticed. The lavish volume of their hair was combined with the voluptuous dresses to create a fairytale-like fashion style. This might not be easily wearable in real-life outfits, but there are ways of making a small, cute bow out of your hair and make your look more unique and well noticed.

Messy second-day hair

Photo by Shahin Kh from Pexels

Talking about the hair, another tendency was presented by Rick Owens, famous for such presentations. Second-day hair represents our looks during the quarantine. For someone it grew even bigger every day and for someone became more and more greasy to the point that it looked like a hairstyle on its own. This brings an avant-garde touch to something that is mostly considered being untidy and even ugly. We can say that the designer might tell us not to worry if our hairstyle is not perfect and that we don’t have to have our hair washed every day to achieve a stylish fashion look. 

Powdery eyeshadow

Armani Privé reintroduces us to the 60s trend, a powdery eyeshadow of soft shades like baby blue or pastel green or pink. These shades add some retro hue to the show and soften it up after the bold eyeliner presentation and messy hair, adding some sophistication to the runway. The models were short-haired, which additionally accentuated their eyes and face, and dressed in elegant garments.

For some people, fashion runways are not an inspiration since the garments and styles presented in such events are not always easily imagined on the street. However, we have to distinguish street fashion from high fashion and understand that high fashion is all about statements and metaphors. Extremely bold eye makeup just means that this season you could maybe give advantage to the eyeliners and ditch the red lipstick. Whatever of these tendencies you find inspiring, don’t forget that they all can sometimes be too much for your skin and eyes, and remember to take good care of them. Otherwise enjoy the fashion.

Written by Liam Smith Twitter

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