The Benefits Of KAMRA Inlay for Eyesight

I’ve considered Lasik a few times over the years and just can’t commit, but I really think I need to do something eventually. As much as I like my glasses frames, they’re still glasses and overall inconvenient. For those of you who have had Lasik, did everything work out ok? has the quality of vision started to waiver? For those of you who have had Lasik, consider the following. 

So you had LASIK years ago, and thought your vision troubles were completely over and done, right? Then sometime in your forties, you suddenly noticed a change — you couldn’t see close up. Or, maybe you are a copyeditor who needs to have clarity reading up close. You cannot wear contact lenses, and glasses just bother you. Rather than constantly buying (and losing) reading glasses, consider a permanent solution.

You have heard of some of the other solutions that may sound promising. They are not always all that they are cracked up to be. For instance, many people have been offered monovision, whereby one eye is surgically or lens-wise made to see far away and the other close up. Talk to people who have no depth perception naturally and they may tell you that it causes headaches, disorientation, and the like. That is why KAMRA Inlays are such a big breakthrough.

They are not permanent, and you can try monovision in this manner, without making it permanent. You could use contacts in this manner as well. But, again, contacts can cause discomfort for people, especially when their site gets complicated.  


The KAMRA Inlay is an implantable lens that corrects near eyesight. It would be like having a contact lens installed right onto the eye. Yet, it is smaller and safer. Because of the way they are put onto the eye, and built, your eyes will breathe. The 8,400 high precision has laser-etched openings on it to allow your nutrients to flow to your eyes as well.

It does many great things for most recipients of the KAMRA Inlay. For one, it means you can ditch the reading glasses. This means that you will not have to trade in your reading glasses for longer arms to compensate either. It may also have the added benefit of improving your vision where computer screens are involved.

You will still be able to see far away. In many cases, one solution can cause other problems. Though, we have already discussed it.

You are not alone if you suffer with eye strain from using digital devices. Working in front of a computer screen can give way to eye irritation and dried out eyes. It is uncomfortable and not conducive to getting work done. It is oftentimes worse in people who are having trouble reading up close too.

KAMRA Inlay is FDA-approved surgical procedure that may take approximately 15 minutes. It is also removable and reversible, which is great news for people who have concerns about the risks of what if it does not deliver the way they feel it should.

If you decided to have it removed and use a different vision correction or a different surgery instead, you could do that as well.eye-666x441

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