Best Travel Pants for Women: Fashion and Function

Anyone who’s ever spent 12 hours on a plane in a pair of stiff jeans can tell you that whether or not you get cruciferous vegetables with your in-flight meal can be the difference between heaven and hell. That is why it’s so important to dress for travel. Sure, there are considerations of style, but comfort is also important if you’re going to survive the trip with your sanity intact, and your criminal record clean.

If you’re going to be travelling the near future, consider wearing these equally fashionable and functional pants.


1) Yoga Pants

Here’s the obvious one – yoga pants.  Thanks to the popularity of sports luxe fashion, you can do more than simply get away with wearing your workout gear on your travels: you can totally own it. Comfortable and versatile, yoga pants are a must-have for your next long haul.

2) Stretchy Basic

Upping the ante from the basic legging (which is also ideal for travelling) this pair of pants works wonderfully for getting to your destination, as well as while you’re there. Dress it up, dress it down, and stay comfy and impeccably dressed the whole time.


3) Harem Pants

For bottoms that breathe, try harem pants. Available in tons of different colours and patterns, harem pants can speak to your personality, while also allowing you to move (and eat!) freely.

4) Jeggings

Want the look of jeans without having to risk unforgiving material? Then pick up a pair of jeggings – leggings that look like jeans. Super stretchy and super versatile, jeggings can be worn with flats or dressed up with a pair of pumps. You pick!


5) Quick Dry Pants

Here’s a reliable option for people who are travelling outdoors. While not as versatile concerning the range of wearability, they are amazing if you’re going to be hand-washing clothing as you go – and they’re more stylish than you may have expected.


So keep your favourite pair of bleach-stained jogging pants at home – here are five far more flattering ways to travel in comfort and style.

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