Best Trends of Seoul Fashion Week – Photos by Alex Finch

I was snooping around the internet, looking for photos from a country that has always interested me, South Korea, and found these amazing shots from Seoul Fashion Week 2015.

Korea is an enormous influence in the street fashion world and here are some of my favorite pieces and looks from Seoul Fashion Week!


Coke Can Purses:

I already have an obsessions with tiny purses and pouches. I try not to carry big purses or really anything I cant put in my pocket or under my arm. I’m also a coke fan, in a pup culture sense of the word fan, so these little purses were amazing!
You can buy these purses at –


Googly Eye Sunglasses:

These great accessories are amazing. They’re fun and stylish, with a whimsical twist. You could probably make these for just a few dollars, and since I couldn’t find a pair online anywhere, I bet she made them herself. Make your own with this tutorial!


Phone Booth Print Skirt:

I love this pattern, and the fabric looks light and airy. I’m a bit of an anglophile (that’s a person obsessed with the UK) and always looking for things that feature the union jack flag, phone booths, double decker busses and the like. However I could not find this skirt online! But I did find a ton of great phone booth pencil skirts designed by independent artists here at


Photo Printed Fabric:

I’m a big fan of photos printed onto wearable materials, or pretty much anything. Some may think it cheapens the art but I think it furthers its reach and makes it not only obtainable by anyone in any form, but it gives us a way to own art without having to hang it on a wall almost no one will see. A favorite of mine is also at redbubble, Epic Mountains of Wyoming by Kat Smith. You can get than many other images on clothing, bedspreads, scarves, leggings, pillow, phone cases and more here!


Men’s Scarves:

Men look good in scarves. Sometimes it gets made into a “thing” and I’m fully against any item of clothing getting, or giving people, a negative stereotype. Wear what you want and wear it well and people will notice and take note! This look looks great paired with the jacket, hat, round sunglasses, pocket scarf and beard! There’s no shortages of scarves out there in any design or color. Guys, take a chance and let it fly!

photo by Alex Finch

Patches on a purse!:

I wish I’d thought of this. I always have a small collection of patches and never do anything with them. THIS is exactly what I’ll be doing this weekend. I’ll try and make a tutorial, because it will be awesome!!

These photos were taken by photographer Alex Finch, a regular contributor to

These were photogrpahed by Alex Finch, a regular contributor to

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