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Many people say they hate to fly, or worse “hate to travel”, and although I can’t empathize because I love airports and traveling more than almost anything, I still want others to have a less terrible time.
A big complaint people have is sleep, and/or comfort on planes. specifically, not getting any sleep at all or having to pay for a weird in flight blanket they don’t even want (I never see free ones anymore). Not everyone can afford a comfortable first class or business class seat (though if you can, I’d recommend getting a Regal Card – the perks are amazing!) so you have to make the best of it basically. Even though I love to fly I almost never get any sleep on planes, the lights dim for everyone and I feel obligated to try, but I can never get comfortable, or someone ahead of me turns on their light to read, despite everyone else trying to sleep.

What will help? Travel Fashion. Where can you get it? My new favorite, Betabrand.

Enter the Red Eye Wrap. A beautiful, brushed jersey cotton hooded wrap, with a great travel look, and many, many uses!

Like a finely woven firewall against the indignities of air travel, this wrap-cardigan hybrid also features a built-in eye mask that deploys in a flash, so that its owner may turn a blind eye to all the horrors afoot in the fuselage: slobbering snoozers, pablum-puking infants, the latest episode of Dancing With The Duggars, and so on.

Red-Eye Wrap by Betabrand

Red Eye Wrap StatisticsVITAL STATISTICS

  • Fabric: comfortable brushed jersey (52% polyester, 42% rayon, 6% spandex).
  • Built-in eye mask.
  • Works well as an open cardigan and can also be fastened with a button closure at waist.
  • Thumb holes at cuffs to keep your wrists warm.
  • Two internal hidden zippered pockets on for stowing passport and other travel valuables.
  • Inside left pocket doubles as a stuff sack for the wrap.
  • Additional hand pockets.



Red Eye Wrap Teal

Yes, the Red-Eye Wrap is engineered to shroud you in stylish serenity when you need it most. But it’s not just for the wild blue yonder: In the tradition of Betabrand’s frequent flier-friendly Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Dress Pant Sweatpants, it has an everyday elegance that also makes it natural for business meetings, brunches, and nights on the town.

I almost can’t imagine a world without travel comfort wear anymore. The casual look has been taking over airports for years as people come to terms with the fact that they don’t have to wear a power suit to and from the airport – worst case, you change in the airport bathroom, but overall, the world is OK with you traveling comfortable. If you really need to dress professional Betabrand also has great a collection of Travel Clothing to fit any style – casual to “I have to be in a meeting in 10 minutes!”. The fabrics are breathable, give you space to move and sit comfortably.

All the Laptop – None of the Baggage!
Probably my favorite item, after the wrap is their Under the Jack Pack “Ultra-Slim Backpack Lets You Carry Your Laptop Covertly” – it’s really convenient so you don’t have to carry hand-fulls of heavy carry-on items and fumble to retrieve your laptop at security, but most of all, it’s an EXCELLENT security measure when traveling to a new country. You can conceal your laptop right under your coat! Getting to and from the airport, or internet cafes to work won’t be an issue.




For a look at Betabrand’s growing collection of stylish travel clothing, click here!.


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