BigMac-o-Nomics – Planning on Traveling Somewhere Soon?

Check out this clever insight into what things cost and where. It’s a comparison of countries economies based on a burger, something I don’t even eat but a single object that should cost the same everywhere none the less. I never understand Economics and always have trouble remembering what the dollar to peso, dollar to rupee ratio is. In this chart, Norway and Sweden are the two most expensive countries to visit, (or at least buy a burger in) and India and Hong Kong are the cheapest. Since I don’t eat meat, India sounds good to me since I’m fairly sure from multiple sources that their Big Macs are all vegetarian.
So, If you are planning to go any of those places, maybe this will give you an idea what you’re in for – whether you eat Big Macs or not.

Debt Management –
(original source, The Economist’s Big Mac Index)

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