Blog Feature: The Locals – Copenhagen and Beyond


The Locals is an awesome Copenhagen based street fashion site, moving it’s way up quickly as one of the hottest out there. Created by a travel savvy fashion photographer, formerly of, The Locals takes on fashionable people from high end style to “ugly Christmas sweater” style (my favorite).

“I’m on the streets since 2007, on the hunt for people to portrait. Originally, I started out with the blog CopenhagenStreetStyle. Since then, I have moved on to The Locals. The change in name gives me more freedom, I feel. I am no longer bound to Copenhagen only. Because while I still love my hometown for its unique Scandinavian style and laid-back approach to fashion, there is so much more to see out there. I love traveling and exploring new places.”

“I do client work during the fashion months, which gives me access to a lot of very well dressed people. But that is absolutely not only what this blog is about. It really is about real people, in real clothes, on regular days of the year. So while you will occasionally find the odd fashion victim on here, most of the times, you will much rather encounter the awkward girl in the vintage sweater or the nerdy guy on the way to the laundromat. I hope you see in these pictures what I see in them: Style”

–  Creator of The Locals


Check out some of my favorite recent pics from the site and see many, many more at

Caroline-cph Milano-Stripes01 NYC-Smile NYC-BluePants AzealiaBanks

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