Blog Find: Vista La Calle Santiago, Chile

Looking around for some new street fashion blogs from Milan, with no luck, we found the well established VLC (Viste la Calle) from Santiago, Chile. Use google chrome if you must to translate the site but in general, street fashion goes beyond language and that’s why I love it so much.
VLC includes a gallery of street fashion photos, great blogs on the fashion world, trends and inspiration (you may need chrome for this part) and all from a South American perspective. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this site yet in all the years of SFW (that’s us). They’re a great inspiration to what we would like to be, if we didn’t need full time jobs.

Check out their blog, and see more like these great looks on their site.

Doris Carmona

Isabel Fonseca


Federico Zavari

Santiago Street Fashion

2 thoughts on “Blog Find: Vista La Calle Santiago, Chile

  1. I was in Santiago for a few weeks last summer and absolutely fell in love with it. I particularly enjoyed the fashion there, in the bohemian neighborhood of Bella Vista and trendy Lastarria, for example. I would love to go back just to shop in the boutiques and great flea market in the city. Do you have any recommendations for up and coming Chilean designers that I should know about when I return?? Thanks and great blog! – Adriana

  2. I don’t know anyone but I am due to look up some new ones. They come and go so fast. Keep an eye out for a new blog!

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