Blogger Feature: Unique People, Berlín, London, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid

In a line across Europe, runs photographer Lucía Zapata (coolest name ever right?), camera in hand, snapping uniquely dressed people in a high quality and highly impressionable manner.

She finds the most amazing people and never fails to make each one a sight to remember.

Unique People Street Style Video from Lucia Zapata on Vimeo.

Lucía is especially drawn to interesting and unique people, people who stand out in the crows, make an impression on the fashion world (whether they are aware or not) and offer a unique view into a cities blossoming sub cultures.  Not everyone can make total strangers feel so comfortable in front of the lens but Lucia works magic.

Lucia from Unique People
“I am photographer, video artist, illustrator, graphic designer and Dj. After a long period living in different European cities such as Lisbon, London and Berlin, where I studied Visual Arts, I worked as a coolhunter photographer in magazines and exhibited in various Art galleries; then I returned to Madrid to continue with my project “Unique People”.”

Check out Unique People:

Unique People

Unique People

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