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5 Great ways to get the best out of your Social Media

Social media plays an integral part in our lives, from sharing things with friends to keeping up with your favorite celebrities. There are even different social platforms that deal with the same information in slightly different ways. The question is, are you getting the best from your social media experience? Is there anything else you can do that will enhance what you get and how you get it? Here are some tips on improving your social…

Mind the Curves

Curvy Women, Straight Up Style

A general lack of confidence plagues women all around the world. It’s ingrained in us from a young age in this modern society and it’s affected our world in more ways than superficial. It’s important for us to remind each other that we all look damn good! and Fashion can be a major boost in feeling good about yourself and showing off your unique style. This is why I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs featuring some…

Bright Colors with Black - Street Fashion Worldwide @streetfashion_
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Color Madness: A Little Bright on a Cloudy Day

As a follow up to my “I LOVE BLACK” festival yesterday (because I really love black) I had to remind people that although black is basically the best thing ever, adding even once piece of color can make a really striking outfit, or even balancing out a colorful outfit with black accessories can say volumes about how cool you are. It’s cloudy here today, in ARIZONA, go figure.. so, it reminded me of brighter days and…

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Blog Feature: The Locals – Copenhagen and Beyond

The Locals is an awesome Copenhagen based street fashion site, moving it’s way up quickly as one of the hottest out there. Created by a travel savvy fashion photographer, formerly of CopenhagenStreeStyle.com, The Locals takes on fashionable people from high end style to “ugly Christmas sweater” style (my favorite). “I’m on the streets since 2007, on the hunt for people to portrait. Originally, I started out with the blog CopenhagenStreetStyle. Since then, I have moved on to The…

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Photos of the Day: Cold Weather Abound, Style is Found

Fashion bloggers all over the northern hemisphere are feeling the chill and finding striking winter styles everywhere. I personally haven’t been shopping in a while, recovering from post holiday-shopping hangover, but hopefully I’ll be back at it soon, out in the cold weather, suffering with the rest of you! Anyone know a good shopping hangover remedy? January Reds by bloomingleopold.com Black tux by fashionfillers.com BIG Cardigan www.TimKellyPhotography.com Southern Winter Atlanta Street Fashion Finland www.heijastuspinta.fi