Bohemian and Beautiful: Summer Dresses

Many of us are indoors this summer and it’s getting old. We don’t feel the need to dress up or even wear jewelry. However taking the time to remember who you are when times aren’t so strange can do wonders for your mood.

It’s also be a great time to try out a new style and be the person you always wanted to be and felt too afraid to. It’s hard to change when everyone is watching and commenting before you’re truly comfortable yourself. My goal is to wear more comfortable dresses, even if it has to start in my back yard or around the house.

Summer is a great time to experiment with dresses. Outside, the weather is accommodating to short sleeve or sleeveless dresses as well as those short on length. There’s less chance you’ll feel the need to cover them up with a cardigan, so if you’re self conscious you have time to get comfortable before wearing it in public.

Summer Moods

I’m not a fan of air conditioning but it’s a necessity a lot of the time. Dresses like this semi transparent mid-length dress are great for sitting at the computer and working all day. The material is breathable yet blocks direct breezes and perfectly comfortable outside in hot weather for a time.

Elegant dresses mid length

Transitional Dresses

Dresses like this delicately embroidered a-line dress are great for indoors and transition perfectly into autumn. Make a major impression in your next video call with a classy up-do and a dress like this and feel like a million bucks. You don’t want to look too relaxed in a work call just because you’re at home. It definitely depends on your coworkers but dressing professional, despite everything, will leave a lasting impression on people.

Royal blue embroidered dress. So classy and elegant

I spend most of my free time these days in my garden, and with a cute dress on I feel like I’m in a fairy tail sometimes, surrounded by butterflies and flowers, dressed like a princess – sorry, cheesy I know but it’s true! And it’s made these strange times more enjoyable when I can find the beauty and positive things around me despite everything.

You’re style will always be a bit part of your mood and impression on others, more than you may think. Give it a try and check out my favorite Elegant Dresses of 2020. Also, take the time to have a hot bath and watch your favorite show. You time is important!

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