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Shopping for some new wearables is one of my favorite activities when transitioning from summer to fall weather. It’s fun to try and match not only those autumn feels, but also your favorite iconography (cats for me) and opinions about current events for this important voting season! I’ve been having a great time choosing tees and sweatshirts with fresh and original designs.

I’ve found not only an amazing variety of options matching all my needs and wants in a top that speaks volumes, but also a company that matches my standards for accountability and eco awareness. Boredwalk LA is a company that represents what a clothing company should be in the 21st century. They pay decent living wages, minimize their environmental impact and footprint with their production and shipping practices. They also support several social justice organizations and give back to the world they live in. In the last year alone they’ve donated thousands to organizations like ACLU, Planned Parenthood, 314 Action, supporting STEM programs, and City of Promise, a program that benefits school age children and parents in their path to successful futures.

My Goals in an Autumn Wardrobe:


I’m so excited about my ballot this year that I check its status almost daily and signed up to volunteer in the new city we just moved to. I want this world to change to badly I can taste it. It may not change the world, but wearing your opinion on your sleeve can help others feel more comfortable expressing themselves. Nothing makes a person feel confident about their beliefs than knowing they’re not alone.  My “Resistance is not Futile” tee from Boredwalk is perfect, as a progressive voter AND a big Star Trek fan. I found a top that sparks conversations about both politics and the ideal future world found in the Star Trek universe, awesome.

If you don’t want to vote in person, taking a day off work, finding parking etc, you can vote by mail in most states ( the states not participating in voter suppression that is). It should be as easy to take part in your government’s welfare as it is to order a tee online IMO, so go to this website and make sure you’re registered to vote! –


My cats are amazing, all cats are. There’s no explanation needed and if you don’t understand cats or people who love them, you never will. Loving cats and showing it is like belonging to a club of people you don’t know personally but you know every single member of it is likely very cool…because…cats. All animals are amazing of course but cats, rule them all.

Social Justice and Human Rights:

I get choked up and angry any time I think about people being treated poorly simply for who they are or where they’re from – it’s utter nonsense. This “Our True Nationality is Mankind” tee says it ALL, without having to say much. Perfect and to the point – with an awesome retro color scheme and style. It reminds me of an old airline logo from the 60s! Catch those baby boomer’s eyes with the design, and tell them something important in the process. Yet another double win.

Feminism fits right in here as well and this “Feminist is my second-favorite f-word” is a masterpiece of humor and to the point in-your-face-ed-ness, which is truly needed right now.

Halloween and Literature:

Relevant to the time of year and to my obsession with reading, Boredwalk has sooo many amazing horror, Halloween, and author related tees. They’re on the verge of beating one of my other favorite tee companies, Out of Print, who literally specializes in literature tees. Horror writers are my favorite, so I’m stoked about the Edgar Allen Poe sweatshirt and Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which is available also as a stylist Messenger Bag.



Let the torture of what to choose begin!

2 thoughts on “Boredwalk Los Angeles Says It All

  1. I like this dress colour and design. I like the quote you use for mankind.

  2. Very nice Outfit, I can add this in my next blog on trending outfits.

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