Both Weddings and Flowers Return This Spring!

It’s been 2 long years of everyone putting social events on the back burner, and it’s been painful for many. Weddings, family gatherings, and more, have been delayed indefinitely and finally the time has come to play catch up on all these missed occasions!

Location weddings in the beautiful city of New York are back on the calendar and there’s no time like the present to start planning a memorable and beautiful event in one of the city’s many locations for such celebrations. In a city so diverse and large, you can easily find a vegan catering company, whether BBQ tempeh sliders, Indian food or Thai food – or even get your own food truck for a more modern, casual, twist to your special day! The more unique the event the more memorable it will be.

Once you get the food managed, no wedding is complete without the right floral settings, and finding an NYC florist is easier than ever now that the growing season is in full swing. Imagine your color scheme balanced beautifully between table settings, flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses. Your favorite flowers, a part of the identity for many, being shared among your friends and family – making for great memories and photos you’ll enjoy your entire life.

*A floral arch for a dreamy, traditional ceremony*

Green Weddings

If you’re not as into colorful flowers or just want a more eco friendly option, imagine a wedding of greenery! Consider a forest theme or a desert theme, with greens and browns in earthy arrangements. One eco conscious trend is to include placements that include numerous small succulents that guests can take home as gifts. A green wedding is less wasteful and more modern and a Manhattan florist can certainly accommodate. You can also have a blending of flowers and live plants to make your guests feel like the environment is dynamic and creative, like you!

Succulents are forever!

Flowers are for Everyone

Weddings aren’t the only occasion for flowers. Order a beautiful beautiful succulent arrangement for your office, send flowers to your best friend or make your next mother’s day or family dinner extra special by including the guest of honor’s favorite arrangement. Some of the most unique, beautiful, and professional arrangements, can be found with the NYC florist Fleurissimo NYC, who can provide both individual arrangements, subscriptions for businesses and wedding events.

Flowers brighten both moods and rooms. Choosing a gift for someone can be difficult, but everyone appreciates a gorgeous bunch of flowers!

A cute, pink and yellow Mother’s Day theme.

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