Boutique Brands Designing Staple Pieces in the UK

Boutique Brands Designing Staple Pieces in the UK

The majority of big brands outsource production of their products to countries outside of the UK, which saves money on both labour and materials, but it isn’t an entirely beneficial method. Outsourcing the production likely means that the quality isn’t as good as the UK and producing garments and accessories on a mass scale can change the detail that can be executed. Some brands in the UK choose to keep manufacture in the homeland to assure that customer receive a luxury product that can truly define an outfit and when these brand do outsource, it’s to create sustainable options for its customers. Here’s a look at brands that design staple pieces in the UK that are timeless and of superior quality.

Grind London

A streetwear brand offering an edge to the current designs available in the UK. Grind London is a brand that takes pride in offering streetwear at an affordable price, the brand describes itself as road ready streetwear and provides a fresh approach to the culture. Its design varies between plain and graphics, and its main staple pieces are t-shirts with small central designs on them. It’s menswear with a bold approach to streetwear as it lacks labels on its garments and the brand has been offering ranges since 2008.

Their collections are vast and include t-shirts, jumpers, outerwear and legwear which gives this boutique brand garment that will cater to most.

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For Mass Consumption

Although this brand is relatively new to the streetwear scene, it’s inspiration comes from the skate culture in the early 2000s. Neon colours, bold logos and retro-fits are all streetwear staples in the eyes of For Mass Consumption and their collections offer all aspects of streetwear. The brand does set it prices slightly higher than the competition, but its iconic styles will surely help every follower stand out from the crowd.

Two ways to spot people wearing this brand is to see either the “FMC” label on garments or more unusually, the term “LOGO” is printed onto their hoodies and more.

Black & Brown London

A luxury designer that creates belts in the UK and sources the finest leather from Spain and Italy to create their products. The brand is the perfect combination of luxury and affordability, using premium materials in every design means that their ranges will last the test of time, making the prices reasonable. Black & Browns ladies designer belts have recently been worn by major celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Rochelle Humes & Alana Hadid which only highlights the brands quality and style.

The brand creates silver & gold chain belts, leather belts and other unique designs that you wouldn’t see on the high street, it’s worth browsing their collection from the ultimate staple piece that won’t lose its individuality.


Joe Lauder who started as a landscaper and woodworker in the UK has combined streetwear & workwear with his boutique label Satta. The brand began in 2014 consisted of organic cotton t-shirts with hand-drawn illustrations on them for a completely unique product. Satta’s vision is to offer a sustainable alternative to the current streetwear market and delivers multiple styles on the website in hemp and other materials.

Satta is a brand looking to pass on its beliefs to its wears and has a humble ethos on how we can change the world for the better. Its staple pieces come from its simplicity combined with high quality.

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