Bratislava, Slovakia Street Photography by Juraj Bartoš

Juraj Bartoš has been a photographer for 40+ years, mainly on the side of street photography. He may be one of the oldest Slovakian photographers to record fashion trends in the 80s up to today as well as the daily life in his own neighbourhood. Looking through is blog, he has easily become of my favorite street photographers.

His fashion photography is without a doubt my favorite style, not posed, and not stalkerly either. All his subjects seem relaxed and comfortable , albeit a little surprised sometimes. His local  Bratislava Street photography is an awesome insight into his world and daily sights. I love street photography because it’s a historic documentation of what life is and was really like for the average person in places I find interesting. It’s not merely a romanticization of life, but plain and simple life.

I would love to see Juraj Bartoš‘s photos in a book some day!

Please see more photos of this awesome photographer at his ongoing blog:


slovak 1w




02 (1)



All photos the property of Juraj Bartoš

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