Buenos Aires Offers Free WiFi Hot Spots Throughout the City

buenos aires wifi hot spotsAfter launching free WiFi service in city parks, subways and public spaces in late 2011, the City of Buenos Aires also rolled out the service to all corners of the city by the end of 2012.

According to La Nación, a major paper in the city, the free Internet connections do not require visitors to enter a password nor does it block access to adult sites and will eventually cover 80 zones in Buenos Aires. The service is already available in all Buenos Aires Subway stations on the A, B, C, D and E lines. The City recently announced an ambitious goal of 300 free WiFi zones by the end of 2013.

At the moment, the first phase of “BA WiFi” has been complete, with free service in 15 of BA’s largest parks including Indoamericano, Sarmiento, Centenario and Chacabuco. Phase Two (July 2012) added 10 more parks and plazas to the network. 19 more free WiFi connections go live in August, 15 in September and 16 in November bringing the total number to 75 throughout the central area.

The head of the City’s Ministry of Modernization, Andres Ibarra, says each new wifi antenna added to the network creates a 100 square meter (1,076 square feet) WiFi zone. Each new zone can handle up to 30 users surfing simultaneously at 3MB rates.

Your next trip to Buenos Aires should be a complete success, even without cell phone reception. You can use skype for phone calls in any of the free WiFi zones, upload your photos while you wait for the train or just tweet what you’re wearing to the world.

Free wifi is an awesome addition to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and will make life so much easier for residents and travelers alike!

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