Can Older Men Keep Up With The Youth Of Today?

There seems to be a rumour that older men are becoming less adept at keeping up with the youth of today. Some studies suggest that men over the age of 39 become invisible to women! If you’re a guy who wants to make sure you’re not flagging behind, this post is going to help you immensely!

Develop Your Own Unique Style

If you develop your own unique style as early on as you can, there will be no struggling to compete with the youth of today when it comes to your clothing choices. You won’t need to follow fashions, trends, or worry whether you’re too ‘old’ to wear something. Style never goes out of fashion, but trends do. They come and go all the time!

This doesn’t mean that you should never follow a trend. If you love it, sure, follow it! However, finding a way to define your own personal style will stay with you for life. You’ll tell people a little about yourself before you even speak, and you’ll likely feel good about yourself whatever age you are. So, just how do you go about developing your own personal style? Here are some awesome tips that could help you!

  • Make a mood board or a simple pinterest board of the different outfits and looks you like. Define patterns, and words that could describe these styles. Are they eclectic? Classic?
  • Once you have a good idea of the words that describe your prefered style, bear them in mind when you go shopping. If a piece doesn’t fit in with that, then don’t buy it. Chances are, you won’t wear it anyway!
  • Consider coming up with your own personal color scheme. This is a scheme that you love to wear and look great in. For instance, you could wear mainly shades of blue, black, and cream.
  • Check that you have all of the basic pieces you need, and then jazz them up with colors, patterns, and other things you like.
  • Never forget to accessorize! Even a simple watch can make an outfit so much better.

It might take time for you to complete develop your own unique style, or until you’ve even found one that sticks. But keep at it, avoid following those trends and being a sheep, and you’ll feel incredible!


Eat Right The Majority Of The Time

When you’re young, you can afford to be a little slack with your diet. Your metabolism is fast, you recover from binges pretty quickly. But wait. Once you hit your late 20s, things start getting more difficult. You develop a beer gut. You feel worse after eating a takeaway. You seem to put on weight much faster. You need to start eating right before things get out of hand! The sooner you start, the healthier you’ll be in the long run. You won’t need to worry about working off excess fat or anything like that either.

Eating right the majority of the time doesn’t mean you have to avoid pizza, or drinking with your friends. It just means to make sure you’ve got the balance right. Make smart choices, and then give yourself a treat when you know it’s gonna be great. When it’s gonna be worth it. You’ll feel and look so much better!



Stay Active

Staying active is crucial. We tend to slow down a lot as we get older, but by staying active, we can ensure we feel as full of life as ever! We stay more mobile as we age, take care of our bodies, fend off illness – the list goes on.

Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, whether that’s hiking with family, biking, or swimming. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it. Switch things up every so often too. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll keep your body guessing, have fun, and you might even gain some more confidence.


See A Doctor

Staying on top your health by visiting the doctor for regular health checks. They’ll be able to spot something before you do, and it’s important to get to the bottom of an issue ASAP. They may even be able to recommend something for a problem you have, like finasteride tablets for hair loss. Chat with them about anything that’s worrying you and you could leave with some valuable advice.


Make Sure You Take Care Of Your Skin

Most men don’t take care of their skin. They don’t think that they need to. Now, while you don’t necessarily need to have all of the lotions and potions that women do, keeping your skin clean and moisturized is a very good idea. Washing your skin in the morning will refresh you, and doing it at the end of the day will ensure you’ve washed away any debris. Applying moisturizer after ensures your skin stays wrinkle and blemish free. If you do fancy giving yourself a face mask every so often, then go right ahead!


Take Vitamins And Supplements

Vitamins and supplements can very well support a healthy lifestyle. They won’t do all of the work, so don’t sit on your bum eating burgers and think that they counterbalance it all. They don’t. However, taking these every day can really help you to feel better and ensure you’re getting all of the goodness you need.


Find Your Happiness

Finding your happiness is a journey. People think cars, money, and love will make them happy. However, these things may only be temporary. Finding your inner happiness is so important. It means you’ll never rely on another thing or person for it! Those things will simply be icing on the cake to your already happy life. Find your happiness by following your passions, spending time on your hobbies, and becoming your own best friend. Once you’ve done that, taking care of yourself will be second nature. You won’t think twice about your age (it is just a number after all) and whether you can keep up.

Thanks for reading!

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