Photo of the Day: Luna in Taipei – Taipei Street Style

Luna was walking with a friend by the streets of the Shida night market in Taipei when I met her. She was wearing a long printed cardigan, a mustard sweater, a dark blue skirt with white print, black tights, and brown shoes. Luna’s complements were a necklace, and a brown leather bag that she bought in Internet and that you can see better at the second photo. Read more at Taipei Street Style: // Lazy is from Hong Kong and she was in Taipei with her friend Po (who starred a post here) visiting her friend Miko (who also starred a…

Blogger Feature: Unique People, Berlín, London, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid

In a line across Europe, runs photographer Lucía Zapata (coolest name ever right?), camera in hand, snapping uniquely dressed people in a high quality and highly impressionable manner. She finds the most amazing people and never fails to make each one a sight to remember. Unique People Street Style Video from Lucia Zapata on Vimeo. Lucía is especially drawn to interesting and unique people, people who stand out in the crows, make an impression on the fashion world (whether they are aware or not) and offer a unique view into a cities blossoming sub cultures.  Not everyone can make total strangers feel so comfortable in…

Blog Find: Vista La Calle Santiago, Chile

Looking around for some new street fashion blogs from Milan, with no luck, we found the well established VLC (Viste la Calle) from Santiago, Chile. Use google chrome if you must to translate the site but in general, street fashion goes beyond language and that’s why I love it so much. VLC includes a gallery of street fashion photos, great blogs on the fashion world, trends and inspiration (you may need chrome for this part) and all from a South American perspective. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this site yet in all the years of SFW (that’s us)….

Photo of the day: Love me tender

Blusa/Shirt: Pool (Riachuelo) Saia/Skirt: White Joola (Vintage from Japan) – Paguei R$3,00 nela! Óculos/Glasses: Vintage (From Argentina) – Original dos anos 50, comprei em Buenos Aires. Anél/Ring: Linda Li Bolsa/Bag: Pink Bijou Sapatos/Shoes: Werner Find it at: //

Photo of the day: Natalie by Sydney Spy

By Sydney Spy Love the draping of each layers of this outfit and House Of Harlow (the ring) is one of my newest favorites. Thanks for the photo Sydney Spy, and thanks for being a group moderator on flickr! Check out the Sydney Spy Blog at //

Chattanooga Street Style

We’ve been on the road since October of last year. Making our way from Portland Oregon, south, then east, then.. maybe north then back west? No idea where we are going but we go at our own pace and we go where we want and that’s what matters. With all the traveling and with the US being huge like it is, we rarely get to very big cities. We stayed in New Orleans for about 4 months – long story told on another blog completely (, and before that we were pretty much rural bound. Now that we’re in the…