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Jack and Jones
Designer of the Week mens

Designer of the Week: Jack and Jones

Jack and Jones Jack and Jones have a line for every style of fashion-forward man. Founded in 1989, they have become one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear. With five lines expressing different styles and expressions of fashion and functionality, Jack and Jones’s mission is to make it easy for men to create their own distinct style within the current trends. Originals  This line takes its influence from the current trend, making it the line to choose from if…

Soya Clothing
Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week: SOYU – Creative, Eastern Inspired, Art from England

British street fashion brand, SOYU, caught my eye with their striking original designs created by extremely talented artists. Each design bringing together eastern and western culture through art and fashion “with the force of a Bruce Lee kick to your face”, as they would say. Selling limited edition zodiac prints, quote inspired tees and handing out free cell phone wallpapers, they have a great variety of original and hard to come by designs in various awesome styles, each with…

Rosy Toes Designs
Designer of the Week designs eco fashion fashion feelings

Natural & Eco-Style Accessories from Rosy Toes Designs

This winter is going to be a cold one, although a late one for much of the country. It will prove wise to start your winter shopping – or winter gift shopping sooner than later for many reasons (if you haven’t already) and you won’t regret spending your shopping money on handmade gifts. An almost certain win for any recipient, items made by hand, with care and skill, will always be more appreciated than something bought in a big…

Nautical Winter 2012
Designer of the Week fashion feelings mens

Men’s Nautical Winter Style

I’m feeling quite nautical lately, but then I’ve always been attracted to the sea. Not sunny beaches and warm surf, but ships on choppy waters, pirates and sea creatures of all kinds. This year I’m seeing Nautical Winter Style everywhere; stripes, dark blues and wool caps, and I wanted to share my favorite finds for men’s nautical winter styles so far. There were many to choose from but I picked the four that I liked the most. Etre Shop For men,…

Gaza Funk Tee by Grind London
Designer of the Week

GRIND London: Karma Drama

Getting Rich Is No Dream is the full name of GRIND London, and between that and their upcoming collection titled “Karma Drama“, they were an instant favorite. An attitude of realism, an acceptance of life mistakes and an overall goal of self betterment through great music, culture and style is what their newest collection represents to me.  – Maybe that’s getting a bit deep but I tend to do that sometimes.. Existential epiphany’s aside, their new collection speaks for itself  –…

Designer of the Week Featured mens

Lifetime Collective Fall 2012 Collection

This fall we can look forward to a lot of great things, cooler weather, elections, and whole new set of must haves for our closets. Anyone closet will work in this feature about Lifetime Collective, an art collective from Vancouver BC with a clothing centered purpose, driven by community, travel, and the people they meet. Any clothing company created by people who actually wear the clothes they make and know what they want out of a design is already…

Lovely Sally Leggings
Designer of the Week fashion feelings

Lovelysally Leggings: Mega Legging Love

Getting over a leggings infatuation is like getting over the cuteness of kittens, no one just “does” that. I have been obsessed with great leggings since 2005 and you could practically call what I own an “collection” – leggings from around the world, sometimes as souvenir, and sometimes I just bought them online. Many of them have gotten worn out over time, usually through my own laziness while washing them properly, but many have survived the years and still…

The Baby Jane Dress - Powder Silk
Designer of the Week photos

Designer of the Week: The Hellers

A much awaited designer for us, The Hellers, has emerged with their new collection and brand new website! We featured The Hellers over a year ago in a post about using Holga Cameras for fashion photos, their style and appeal was huge and people wanted to know where to buy their beautiful pieces. Well, the time has come and The Hellers new SS2012 collection is live and as beautiful as ever imagined. Their collection features flowing pieces, original patterns and innovative…

Sinstar Clothing
Designer of the Week

Sinstar Clothing, No Sin in Looking Good

SinStar Clothing (no longer around.. )  is one of those brands that I want to own every piece of, – and put the rest on my boyfriend or gift to friends. A UK brand, Sintar just recently started carrying women’s wear and has a new collection of menswear featuring designs, printing style and theming that sets them apart from other street style brands. Sinstar’s newest collection encompasses several themes, featuring text and images that express the beauty of life,…