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labor division fall 2012 (4)
Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week: Labor Division, Fall 2012 Lookbook

Labor Division is definitely a clothing company designed for the future. An eco-conscious company with economic etchics? I must be dreaming right? Labor Division works exclusively with small domestic factories that have a long history of craftsmanship and integrity. “Our manufacturers share the typically Italian tradition of respecting the material and working with their hands. The environment in which our products are made is intimate, hands-on and personal.” An Italian brand, Labor Division makes handmade quality clothing the way…

Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week: Feuer Wear Bags & Accessories

Creative eco-fashion always catches our eye and gets us thinking about the future of fashion. Around the world new ideas are popping up for creatively recycling things mankind tosses aside on a daily basis. Not only can it be a cheaper alternative to making or purchasing new materials, but it’s without question better for the planet and peace of mind. Feuer Wear (Feuer meaning Fire in German) is one such creative idea, making bags and accessories out of used…

Stylein - Swedish Fashion
Designer of the Week

Stylein: Swedish Fashion for this Frozen Land

It’s been cold and frozen for months here and now half of the country is covered in snow and ice as well. I’ve spent half my winter covering up my clothes and acclimating to the average 20F(7c) temps (around 0 at night) for months now and I’ve started to break out of my puffer jacket, wool socks and long underwear and wear things that would have left me shivering last fall. As everyone knows, Sweden is a cold place…

warmer times mittens by Junkprints
Designer of the Week Featured

Junkprints: Brooklyn Style for all Seasons

It’s straight up winter everywhere these days (except for you lucky people in the southern hemisphere), and while perusing Etsy like I do every day or so, I came across some of the best winter wear from an unexpected place, Brooklyn New York. I’m in a snowy Colorado ski town for the next 6 months and it was down to 1 degrees Fahrenheit last night already, so it’s clear that I really have it in for me this winter……

No Hard Feelings Sweatshirt
Designer of the Week

Designer of the Week: Yours Truly (take 2)

Yours Truly is a brand we have featured once before but I they were thin on stock and I always felt bad that I had teased everyone with their cool Brooklyn original designs. I even got a call from a frantic French Canadian guy who really wanted to buy some of their stuff but was unable. I couldn’t get him to understand that I just wrote the blog, and I was not the store, but he just didn’t get…

Designer of the Week

Gelada Studio: Talkin’ About My Generation

I recently came across a clothing company that drew my eyes to their tees like a moth to a lamp, but with a much better outcome. I know that sounds a little strange but since travel is basically my way of life, a clothing company who celebrates travel is perfect. Me any my boyfriend have been on the road for 2 years this October and before that I’ve traveled as much as humanly possible, as some of my readers…

Ana Branco Opulent Jacket
Designer of the Week Featured

Designer of the week: Ana Branco of Portugal

Potential is as much of a factor in a designer’s future as vision and style. Designers are constantly evolving and experimenting, drawing their inspiration from people they see, friends, and their own fashion needs and desires and the ability to see these needs and trends is an important skill for a designers to have. Also, designers who take advantage of successful classic designs, merging them with inspiration from today’s styles and where they see fashion going in the future,…

Designer of the Week

Beautiful New Ardentees

Ardentees is a great collaborative effort of design meets fashion that has for quite a while now been haunting my dreams, in a good way. The designs are ones you wouldn’t expect to see on tees on just any people on the street. No bold text with cliche slogans, no pop culture references or famous people, teams or bands – just art and innovative use of t-shirt space. You really have to check out the designs yourself (see below)because…

Your Truly NY Clothing
Designer of the Week

Designer of the week: Yours Truly

At the moment, I’m completely hooked on sweatshirts, cardigans and scarves worn over crop tees (over cozy undershirts), teeshirt dresses and of course some warm thick quality jeans (I’ve been really cold lately as you might guess). I’ve also been bulking up my closets with this newest wave of companies sporting ‘modern meets vintage’ designs, like art deco or tribal/native patterns. While shopping around, I get kind of tired of my main-stream options like my expensive sweet tooth desires,¬†Wildfox…