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Sew Your Way to Your Own Unique Clothes

If sewing has always been a hobby of yours, you’re in luck. You may be pleasantly surprised to realize that by knowing how to sew, you have all the basics in place to become your own personal stylist and fashion designer. Making your style truly yours can be an exciting—and fun!—way to express yourself with the help of your sewing hobby. A good place to start is to collect the right sewing materials and choose some of your…

nicholas k adler jacket

Nicholas K – Beautiful Harkin, Anthro & Adler Jackets for Spring

They’re a bit too expensive for my taste but so beautiful to look at, the Nicholas K women’s jackets are a great collection with an avant-garde military vibe, dusty, earthy tones and a modern utilitarian feel. The draping elements of these current coats have a runway look while being completely street fashion ready any time of year. They’re light but solid, wear them open on a sunny day, closed and zipped up with the dramatic hood…

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Aldomartins “HipnOtik” 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Spanish based designer Martí Bisbal has once again created a collection to bust the bank for with his artisan based knitewear brand, Aldomartins. The 2013 Spring/Summer Collection, titled “HipnOtic” is a bright and tireless attack of color and innovation. Combining elements of African design and Baroque style, this Aldomartins season it is a shabby chic dream come true. With tons of Contrast prints and exciting patterns, key element of this collection become any and every piece…

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Spring 2013 – Torn by Ronny Kobo

If bold colors and patterns are what you seek, this is the collection to shop. Torn by Ronny Kobo has taken bright patterns and matched them with bold base colors in many of the featured designs this season. One that stands out is the Celine skirt. The bright red and black tribal pattern is a timeless design. It stands out and shows that you have bold personality. Another fun piece in the collection is the Margie…

Rosy Toes Designs
Designer of the Week designs eco fashion fashion feelings

Natural & Eco-Style Accessories from Rosy Toes Designs

This winter is going to be a cold one, although a late one for much of the country. It will prove wise to start your winter shopping – or winter gift shopping sooner than later for many reasons (if you haven’t already) and you won’t regret spending your shopping money on handmade gifts. An almost certain win for any recipient, items made by hand, with care and skill, will always be more appreciated than something bought…

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2012 Olympics Begin and Out Comes The Swag

I love to travel and I used to feel guilty if I wore a tee with a flag or place on it I hadn’t been yet, but I decided a little while ago – maybe after visiting New York, or seeing the great travel tee inventions of Gelada, that it didn’t matter. Even if I would never go to that place, I could still show my appreciation for it. I found a few designers who are really all…

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Fashion Feelings: Rethink Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye is usually associated with hippies, at least for me, but that’s because I’ve only just started to accept and see the potential of tie-dye on things other than oversize, low quality, t-shirts. Lately, tie-dye has been getting more and more diverse. This could be because of the 60s revival “outdoor concert” and “road trip” trend that’s been around the last couple of years, or because color is just so hot right now. Either way, I’m…


Uniqlo Releases Retro Care Bare Tees

Even if you didn’t grow up in the 80s, I think most of us can appreciate the retro qualities of shows like The Care Bears, My Little Pony, Fraggle Rock and Rainbow Bright. It’s not often that you see tee with these images on them anymore and of course Loony Tunes was ruined and tainted completely by companies like Walmart making it into the worlds most white trash clothing line. I like cute and retro things and thought…

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Xochico, Retire the Cupcake, it’s Conchita time!

My friend in Santa Ana California and I exchange small presents every Christmas. Mine has yet to be sent (and wont be nearly as cool), but before she went to Mexico for the Holidays, she sent me the most adorable coin purse. At first I didn’t really get it. I speak spanish, I’ve been to Mexico, but to me ‘conchita’ meant only “little shell”, then I read the tag “Panaderia Xochico” (xochico bread/pastry shop basically). Then…