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How To Get Cute, Trendy Street Style When You’re Broke AF

Street style fashion has been around for years. In the 70s and 80s, colorful trends with unusual cuts were the fad. As street fashion evolved, different groups emerged that set themselves apart from the rest of society, like hippies, rockers, punks, goths, and bikers. The point of street style is to show your own personality through clothing that expresses your uniqueness. Today, these trends can range widely from baggy clothes to graphic tees and sneakers, and other designs that…

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Using Style to Make the World a Better Place

Some would say that “things seem pretty dark right now” would be an understatement. And there’s no denying that we seem to be living in a particularly strange and dark period. Sure, the world has always been a scary place, but there’s something particular and grotesque about the world today. So is there any way we can contribute in order to make things better – for those close to us, those far away from us, and for ourselves? Sure…

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Cruelty Free Fashion Brands for Men

Whether you engage in environmental conservation as a hobby, or as a lifestyle, one needs to be aware of which materials make up their attire. Fur coats, leather jackets and hair products which have been thoroughly tested on animals might comprise as high fashion in some circles, but for those with a heart for sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, there is no need to sacrifice on your good looks to become a better person. There is, in fact, a range…

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Quinoa Apparel – Eco Friendly, Animal Friendly, Designs for Fall

Quinoa Apparel is a great independent eco friendly label with so many reasons to love! Not only do they have a variety of fun, thoughtful and beautifully handcrafted designs, but they love animals, and off-put their own carbon emissions. All of their designs are original and hand screen printed with non toxic inks on mostly organic fabrics, all sweatshop free. Did I mention they love animals? They do, and that’s huge to me. Over my evolution as a blogger,…

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Fashion Company to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims with Crowdfunding

A Himalayan fashion start-up based in Kathmandu called Mountkarma is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the purchase of aid materials to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims. Specifically, their focus is to bring aid to villages in the Nuwakot district, one of the areas hardest hit. One village they assessed, named Simle, needs roof’s for 12 homes to hold back water from the impending monsoon, as well as rice to feed the village. The cost as of today;…

Jord Watch at White Sands National Monument
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My Beautiful JORD Wood Watch in the New Mexico Desert

We arrived in the desert area of southern New Mexico, known as the Tularosa basin, last week. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by mountains on all sides, safe from the harsh spring weather in the east and early heat of Arizona. Cool air from the mountains keeps the area breezy all spring…summer is another story. We’re in this area for a month, and as turquoise is a stone that often represents the southwest, I kept this in mind when…

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Eco-Fashion Shopping Tips – Top Brands that Give Back

As you probably know, most companies out there are solely business and profit kind of enterprises, looking out for themselves and their share holders, which is why Street-fashion.net supports indie designers and eco-fashion companies that either erase their own carbon footprint or contribute somehow to the greater good. A few larger than usual companies that do good have come to our attention recently and we were pretty surprised by some. Check out some of these brands and find out…

Rosy Toes Designs
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Natural & Eco-Style Accessories from Rosy Toes Designs

This winter is going to be a cold one, although a late one for much of the country. It will prove wise to start your winter shopping – or winter gift shopping sooner than later for many reasons (if you haven’t already) and you won’t regret spending your shopping money on handmade gifts. An almost certain win for any recipient, items made by hand, with care and skill, will always be more appreciated than something bought in a big…

human hair bags by Tae Seok Kang
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Designer Creates Eco Fashion Human Hair Bags

South Korea-born, London-based fashion designer Tae Seok Kang created an eco-fashion collection of Human Hair Bags using vegetarian leather. Gross you might say? Not to me who won’t wear or carry leather or animal hair. In fact it seems quite ironic that humans themselves would become a part of a fashion accessory, except the method to obtain human hair is nothing like the methods to obtain animal fur. Entitled ‘Sexual Humorous’, the bags aim to explore the “narratives of sexual…