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5 Brands For Your 2021 Memorial Day Celebration

*this post includes one amazon link to help support website costs. Thanks for understanding! 2021 so far hasn’t been very different from 2020 in many ways, however, the weather is getting nicer, many of us are getting vaccinated, and the prospect of an eventful Memorial Day Weekend becomes more realistic every day! Whether you plan to celebrate within your home bubble or expand it, just plan the responsible way! The best way to celebrate the warmer…

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5 80’s Men’s Fashion Items That Are Back In Style

The ’80s was a fantastic era for fashion, so much so that some of its trending items have come back in fashion with full force. There is no mistake the ’80s were all about being bold, colourful and a little excessive, but hey, if they looked good then so can we. The ’80s were known for their ripped jeans and biker jackets. There was everything from the 80’s hip hop era with their bold coloured tracksuits…

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How To Wear Tie-Dye in Winter

When you hear “tie-dye”, it may make you think of summertime and homemade tee shirts, but tie-dye is also a fun type of pattern that can be worn in winter. To pull it off, you’re going to have to break out of the norm and try some out-of-the-box styles. Here are some cute and trendy ways we like to wear tie-dye in winter.  Long-Sleeve Tie-Dye Dresses While short-sleeve, bright, and colorful dresses are great looks for…

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Fashion Trends of the 2010s: Hits and Misses

Beauty and fashion trends come and go, and then come back around again. This was definitely the case in the 2010s. Things that haven’t been cool since the 80s and 90s are starting to show up on the fashion radar once again. The great thing about this is if you really like a particular fashion item and it goes out of style, you can keep it stowed away in your closet. You will likely have the…

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Style On The Go: Hassle-Free Ways To Stay On Trend

Do you wish you had more time or energy to devote to looking good? If you love fashion, but your schedule has taken over, or you find battling your way through the mall stressful, here are some hassle-free ways to stay on trend. Embrace online shopping Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy clothing and accessories. Shopping doesn’t require time and effort in this day and age. You can shop on the go using your…

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Street Style Trends You’ll Love

The only thing we possibly love more than the runways is the street style section, and there’s a fine reason for that. Models get to wear the most outrageous couture that a mere mortal could never pull off in real life. Contrary to them, the fashionistas that frequent the show are actually ‘real’ people with great and innovative taste. As such, they are able to provide us with endless style inspiration with outfits one can actually…

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2019 Makeup Trends

You thought the previous trends were crazy? Well, say hello to the makeup industry identity crisis. Trust me, you have no idea what’s coming. Buckle up. Peachy/pink blush Forget the deep bronze summer vibes and focus on peachy taupe shades this winter in order to keep up with the natural mood of the season. The key is in embracing the natural glow and tone of your skin. Pale foundation   This season, models embraced their natural…

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Fashion Report: 2019 Trend Predictions

Neat, elegant, and classic – the runways showed us that designers are turning towards soft femininity and slightly old-school looks. Everyone from Balmain to Alexander Wang has been bringing a certain lightness of touch to their creations, and we were stunned to see such a variety of beautiful looks. But while the world of high fashion presents one thing, street trends and regular people who don’t have the habit of wearing haute couture on a daily…

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How to Dress for the Fall When the Weather Still Feels Like Summer

The leaves are changing color, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on sale, Halloween candy is front and center in the grocery stores… and yet the weather doesn’t quite feel like fall. How can you dress for the season and the warm temperature? Here are a few hints.   Look for Light Fabrics During this time of year, your first instinct may be to reach for your chunkiest sweater or fleece-lined, plaid flannel. However, if you throw that…