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Shop The Worlds Boutiques Without a Plane Ticket

I think we found the retail version of Street-fashion.net, and it’s exactly what we’ve been wanting to share for the last decade! Every place we love, and all the great boutiques on the streets far and wide.  Get access to interesting boutiques and artisans from around the world at Shoptiques.com. They’re basically our soul mate. Founded by a Harvard Graduate from Kirghistan, just after graduation, Shoptiques is a lovely, curated world of great style and accessories. The prices…

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Using Style to Make the World a Better Place

Some would say that “things seem pretty dark right now” would be an understatement. And there’s no denying that we seem to be living in a particularly strange and dark period. Sure, the world has always been a scary place, but there’s something particular and grotesque about the world today. So is there any way we can contribute in order to make things better – for those close to us, those far away from us, and…

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Contest Alert! Win a trip to Panama via Nectar Sunglasses!

We have for you an awesome contest alert via Nectar, an awesome shop to find stylin’ Sunglasses, tees and accessories for the summer! Of course I entered straight away but you still have tons of chances to beat me to this amazing price package. Why not!? It’s PANAMA! Summer is in full swing and it’s time for an EPIC CONTEST!  Win 5 Night Stay @ Playa Blanca Resort in Panama. Here at Nectar, our mission is to keep you…

Mint Floral Summer Dress

Gift Card Contest: Gorgeous New Summer Dresses from AMI Clubwear!

We all need new stuff come Summer. I just spend last evening shopping on my phone because I’m completely over my tank tops from last year and desperately need some new digs. Now, I have the issue of finding summer dresses, something I entirely skipped last year and really wanted to catch up on.  I took the time to measure myself properly this time so I get some well fitted dresses and my store of choice…


After Christmas Sales Worth Waiting For!

Christmas sales are great and everything but what do the stores do with all that overstock after the holidays? practically give it away! If everyone just started celebrating X-mas just a few days after December 25th, we’d all get so many more presents! ban.do o    Sale: 15% off with coupon code “notears” o    Date: December 26th Only o    Site: www.shopbando.com   cinda b o    Sale: $20 off your purchase of $100 or more + free shipping…


Ensambl App – Weather Based Style Inspiration

Hey Everyone! How many times do you wake up in the morning knowing that rain is in the forecast and you haven’t got a clue what to wear? Isn’t that when you wished you had some style inspiration? There is definitely such a thing as “weather appropriate”…