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Feel for Fashion

Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

We’ve all witnessed fashion trends come in and come out.  This is, in many ways, the very nature of fashion… yet there are some trends that keep bouncing back and this article looks at three fashion trends currently making a comeback.   Keeping up with current trends can be a minefield.  Fashion, however, is a curious thing that unlike technology which advances at a phenomenal pace where we are unlikely to see a resurgence of video players to replace…

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4 Different Ways to Sell Your Clothing Line

If you’re a start up or are still considering how to make money from the clothes you’re making, it’s a good idea to do some research first before you start spending any money.  Consider what your financial goals are, your personal goals and vision and also who your target customer is.  Here are a few options for ways you could sell your clothing line. A Stall at an Art or Craft Fair Selling your clothes at a fair can…

Feel for Fashion

The Trends So Far, Summer 2016

Such is the mercurial nature of fashion, it can often be difficult to stay in touch with the fast paced trends we see come and go each year. In this ever-changing industry, I’ve compiled a few fashion trends that look set to remain for summer and beyond. Jeans are more distressed than ever 2016 has seen distressed jeans return with a vengeance. Celebrities and models on the catwalks are embracing the rips and tears in their denim and it has…