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Good Sleep With CBD and Melatonin

I’ve always had trouble getting a good night’s rest. I have long detailed, lucid dreams, grind my teeth, roll over several times a night, get up for water or to take the dog out, and rarely feel particularly well rested. I’ve used melatonin before a trip to the UK before and it worked out well, no jet lag at all really, and I’ve used CBD for neck pain and hemp oil on my skin, but never…

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5 Brands For Your 2021 Memorial Day Celebration

*this post includes one amazon link to help support website costs. Thanks for understanding! 2021 so far hasn’t been very different from 2020 in many ways, however, the weather is getting nicer, many of us are getting vaccinated, and the prospect of an eventful Memorial Day Weekend becomes more realistic every day! Whether you plan to celebrate within your home bubble or expand it, just plan the responsible way! The best way to celebrate the warmer…

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Start Taking Steps to Protect and Prioritize Your Mental Health Today

Article contributed by Julia H. On a daily basis you find yourself juggling an endless array of challenges and competing priorities. The demands for your time never cease and it’s all too easy for your own personal health and wellness to get pushed to the back burner. Though you may receive attention at work and appreciation from family for being the ultimate go-getter, all that stress can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing.…

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Step Up Your Wellness Routine

Almost everybody is into collagen, essential oil, skin care or any wellness fad that hits the market. Whether you are into cauliflower rice or hot yoga, the effort you put into yourself for a healthy physical and mental state is a proof that our wellness routine is not just a fad. Working on achieving our best, our healthiest, our happiest self is a lifestyle.  Here to offer a wide range of benefits, let us all welcome…

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Brighten Your Eyes with Colored Eyelash Extensions

With summer right around the corner, everyone is on the lookout for something new! Summer provides us with a great opportunity to try new things, step out of our comfort zones, and stand out a little bit. There are so many ways to incorporate this daring attitude into your daily wardrobe, like trying out rompers or wearing adorable, colorful sundresses, or going a bit wild and dying your hair a hue you’ve never tried before! But…

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Lifestyle Changes You Should Make in 2019

article by Audry Taylor The New Year is here, and you are probably writing down your resolutions. For some of us, 2018 was great, while for the others… Well, not so much. Still, it’s no reason to presume that 2019 won’t be fantastic! Here are some ideas to make the New Year as amazing as you deserve it to be. 1. Relax and meditate Meditation is one of the best ways to improve your overall well-being.…

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5 Top Skincare Tips for Winter Weather

Your skin dries out much faster during the cold weather, which is why during winter time, you’re more likely to suffer from dry, irritated skin and lips. Skin dryness can lead to soreness, itchiness and irritation, and in certain cases, this could progress further and lead to something more serious such as an infection. Because of this, giving your skin the care and attention that it needs during the winter months is so important. When the…

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Hair Products You Need To Add To Your Haircare Routine

Your hair makes an outfit look complete. If your hair looks limp and lifeless, then your whole look and aesthetic may not come across they way you want it to. Does anyone really enjoy the chore of washing their hair? I’d rather be playing slots here. With so many haircare products out there, it’s hard to find the best. Here are a few products which you need to try right now…   L’Oreal Paris Elvive Triple…

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How to Look Fresh Even if You Don’t Feel It

All of us go through periods where we do things perfectly; we go to bed early, drink moderately, eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies, and just generally take good care of ourselves. We also, of course. Go through periods of excess where we stay up partying, with a few too many cocktails, all night, eat fast food and slob out in front of the TV instead of hitting the gym. When we’re living…