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Sustainable Performance Brands That Will Change the World

Over the past few years the levels of waste businesses produce and the operations they practice have been highlighted and some companies are open to making changes. The changes can be major recycling implementations and reduction in waste or by simply changing some of the logistic of the company, but there are some brands that are leading the change and giving the rest something to strive towards. If you’re planning on purchasing new performance where you can be part…

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Top 5 Gym Brands to Look out for 2018

2018 has brought a lot of new advancements in the sportswear industry. New activewear that can enhance performance, better durability and matching current trends. Although most people stick with the big brands like Nike and Adidas for their gym wear, for some, if everyone is wearing similar brand it doesn’t offer temptation to buy the same labels. Luckily there are a lot of gym brands that are up and coming, if you want to stand out in the gym,…


Confronting Body Shaming One Yoga Class at a Time

As a woman who is out of the high school phase, I am well aware of how petty and cruel body shaming can be, especially when it is directed towards someone who hasn’t even grown up yet. But somehow, despite knowing this perfectly well, I have come to the realization that even I am a body shaming bully – passing judgement and making cruel comments – and hating on the person I should love most – myself. Why is…