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The Hottest Beauty Trends for 2020

The new decade is finally here and bringing a plethora of fascinating beauty trends along. While the 2010s were all about accentuated make-up, new techniques, loads of skincare boosters and hair upgrades, as the decade came to an end, we could slowly start noticing the hints about the future beauty trends that the 2020s will introduce. As the decade behind us came to an end, the beauty industry started to pay more attention to the chemicals they use in…

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2019 Makeup Trends

You thought the previous trends were crazy? Well, say hello to the makeup industry identity crisis. Trust me, you have no idea what’s coming. Buckle up. Peachy/pink blush Forget the deep bronze summer vibes and focus on peachy taupe shades this winter in order to keep up with the natural mood of the season. The key is in embracing the natural glow and tone of your skin. Pale foundation   This season, models embraced their natural tones with the…

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Best Beauty Hacks Around!

Every woman should know these great time and money saving tips! Better Lashes To get the most out of your mascara, stick in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up. It’ll work magic on your lashes and curl so much better. Smudged Effect If you want a smudgy eyeliner look but only have a regular kohl pencil, heat up your pencil over a stove burner for a few seconds to soften it. Bigger Lips Mix a…

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Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick

Everyone has heard of Revlon- the American cosmetic brand. I have not been a frequent user of Revlon until recently when I went to a local cosmetic store. I was looking for a particular shade of orange-red. At first, I was looking at all the affordable brands of lipsticks, but wasn’t able to find one that went well with my skin color. I have a slightly darker complexion and finding the right shade that compliments my skin perfectly can…


The unique and quirky designs of Benefit cosmetics

The philosophy behind Benefit cosmetics can be summed up in their tagline, “Who says makeup has to be serious to look good?” This idea has influenced their design choices and packaging for several decades, ever since the two sisters started the company back in 1976. Since their original launch, the quirky package designs, humorous product names, and high quality ingredients have kept Benefit cosmetics at the top of the cosmetics industry for all this time. The company has weathered…