What to buy a guy for x-mas?

– by: Jennyhicks I’ve been thinking about jewelery but different sorts of jewelery like really cool mens’ cufflinks. I think they will look amazing dressed down with say G-Star jeans, a shirt and sneakers. They could also wear a jacket for going out. I think the trend for mixing smart and not so smart is great. It allows you to mix different styles and look at designers you may not always go for for a complete look.

Portland’s First Warm Week!

Portland had its first semi-consistent week of sun and (near) warmth! A visit from out of town and tolerable weather got me on the street again! and where else to take an out of town friend than Hawthorne Street (first of many neighborhoods to see). Hawthorne can can get a bit overcrowded on weekends, but luckily we roamed around on a Wednesday. Weekdays offer more space to breath, less people to compete with at stores and a better chance of finding room or time to stop someone and ask them for a photo. Also, with the excellent weather, and hopefully…