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Eco Friendly Fashion Can be as Simple as Just Shopping Savvy

Over the years I’ve been making sure to transition my clothing and jewelry into a more eco friendly collection. This doesn’t mean everything I have is made of hemp, it can be as simple as buying used or vintage clothing, reclaimed jewelry, faux leather – including faux fur, pleather, faux shearling and faux suede, or just making your own clothes more often. You can also shop wiser, make purchases that you know you will use for years and buy…

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Nerdsday: Confessions of a Contact Lens Lover (who bought glasses)

So several months ago I got some new eyeglasses. Since I’ve been traveling and there was a mix up at our mail service, I didn’t actually get them until a month ago when we were staying in Austin. I’ve been a committed contact lens wearer for years. I hadn’t even bothered to replace my glasses from 10 years ago until they finally broke. I still wore them around the house for a while – with a huge piece of…

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Weekly Faves

Basquiat Bento Box, originally uploaded by non no yes. Cotton Zone tunic – Village Thrift, MD JCrew cotton tank Arrowhead belt – gift from Mark (who oddly enough was “pesticiding” this guys house, found it in his basement and the guy gave it to him, then which he placed in my hands and i smiled) H&M corduroy skinnies F21 fringe booties bracelets from some modeling gig in nyc Cargado el 24 de marzo, 2009 por yangyanggo Katya…

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The Cupcakes Love You

Valentines Cupcakes! I make cupcakes for lots of reasons, mostly for no reason at all. Most the time.., I don’t even eat them. I can’t handle too much sweet stuff without putting on a pucker face and almost passing out from sugar overdose, not sure why. What that means though is my roommate gets to eat them all himself! My roommate is vegan, so I just make them vegan, especially easy since there’s no eggs or milk in the…

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Fashion Feelings: Pattern in patterns

There hasent been the hugest trend in pattern dresses these days but for some reason I feel a tsunami on its way. Maybe its the prospect of spring, which for me wont come for months still, but, Its warm inside so dress like its warm everywhere till you have to worry about the outside..then put on a coat or bitchin sweater (like the one I just bought). After taking a look at the group I’m inspired to take a…

Fashion and Holga By sarah carpenter
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Street Fashion Photography For All!

Being into fashion, particularly street fashion, most of us are taking photos of ourselves or friends, and not all of us are getting the photos we want. Getting tips from just any photography websites is fine, but what we do in street fashion photography is a little different than how others might photograph flowers, so I thought it would be good to have a reference for us non traditional photographers.There’s really no “one right way” to take street fashion…

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It’s almost that time of year!

No, not Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s almost time for Thakoon to release its line in Target! I normally wouldn’t be too excited about anything going on at Target, but it’s slowly becoming a mix between Walmart and Topshop with all these designer series they’ve had ( they may be even better than Topshop, but certainly no Barney’s). The prices on these normally expensive pieces will be between $16.99 – $44.99, for as long as they don’t sell out. With…

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‘Black Friday’ renamed ‘Awesome friday’

I hear this is the biggest shopping day of the year, but why? Because everyone has huge sales! We don’t talk about shopping much but today is the day we decided to make a list of the best sales form the coolest places we could find. (all these places carry mens and womens styles). www.ShopAdornOnline.com : Brands like Obey, Harajuku Lovers, Tarina Tarantino and Finn at already awesome prices now 25% off your entire order AND free shipping on…

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Portland on a day like today

I spent a while shopping on Hawthorne today at a couple resale clothing shops, finding several great things of course, when I came across these girls and their damn great combos. I ,as usual, didn’t ask where everything came from but it can be assumed that most if not all is resale and “vintage” (unless I see them again and ask). Of all the people on Hawthorne it was hard to find anyone worth taking a photo of, some…