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Why Women’s Casual Trainers Have Been Growing in Popularity

Plus, Tips on How to Wear the Trend…. When it comes to one of the most important items in a women’s wardrobe, footwear is right up near the top of the list. Not only does footwear provide a necessity, but it also helps to create an outfit by added style and flair. While many times women end up feeling like they need to sacrifice comfort for fashion, there are some trends that go in an opposite direction. Take, for…

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Matching Your Sneakers: The Do’s and Don’ts of Streetwear

As streetwear has been a massive trend over the past few years, the more people wear it, the less iconic it is beginning to look. Which is where new ideas in the trend come from but rather than risking a new edgy look that might not work, going back to basics can define your streetwear look and picking out the right pair of sneakers can make or break the look. Here’s a look at the do’s and don’ts of…

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5 Pairs of Summer Shoes Suitable for the Great Outdoors

Temperatures are rising with each passing day, serving as a reminder that summer will be in full force before we know it! With that being said, it’s essential that your wardrobe is up to par with the latest summer fashions. But before you go out splurging on the newest trends spotted on your favorite celebrity, you should think about what your summer will consist of. In the case of many, summertime is full of outdoor activities. Whether you’re simply…


Choosing Sandals and Trainers For Summer

As I sit here in 98 degree (37c) weather in  Phoenix, I can’t stop thinking about the summer shoes I’ve yet to buy. After all my poking around the internet, I’ve come to a great conclusion and saved everyone some time in the process. I love the Reef Rover XT Sandal in Blush. There, we none of us have to shop anymore (I’m so funny). Seriously though, what I like about these sandals is that based on reviews, they really are as comfortable as…

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5 Chunky Winter Boots Done Right

For most of us, It’s winter. For me, it’s 3 feet of snow, others, none, but for those of us who will get cold feet, need traction AND want to look good at the same time, here are a few of our top picks this winter boots – for guys and gals! Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 8 Eye Unisex – Punk Rock For Everything These boots make me happy. I wore boots like these all through highschool and never…

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Back to the Future: Self Lacing Shoes are Coming!

Samantha Grossman @sam_grossman on Time.com  To celebrate Back to the Future Day, also known as the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox, who played McFly, revealed a picture of himself wearing a real-life version of the franchise’s iconic self lacing shoes, some great looking Nike sneakers: This is real. This is today. Coming spring 2016. cc: @RealMikeFox @Nike pic.twitter.com/KPswXNojvA — michaeljfox.org (@MichaelJFoxOrg) October 21, 2015 Fox also tweeted a photo of…


Wearing Trainers and Girls Shoes With Skinny Jeans

After the last few months where the weather was poor, more and more people will turn to jeans as their trusted choice for trousers. With some jean styles, especially with skinny jeans, finding matching shoes can be a challenge. However, with some care and consideration, the perfect pair of trainers will compliment a pair of skinny jeans. There are a few types of shoe to consider wearing with this style of jeans. Flat Shoes and Skinny Jeans For tall…

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Why Vans Shoes Lead the Way in the Skating Footwear Market

Skaters have always been renowned for their trendy, street style, and certain brands have become iconic with this aesthetic. Vans is one of the best examples of an internationally established skating and extreme sports brand, having launched in the U.S. as long ago as 1966. It has evolved considerably since its inception, to the point where it is now one of the first ports of call for skaters across the world. With this in mind, which key selling points…


Tips on Buying Skate Shoes: 3 Steps to Success

Every past time is different, and while some need very little investment others require participants to purchase specialist clothing and equipment. Taking skating, for example, which demands a certain level of skill and cannot be performed without specific clothes, accessories and products. The type of footwear that you procure is particularly important, as the correct choice enables you to skate safely without compromising on your levels of comfort or mobility. Purchasing Skating Footwear Affordably: 3 Steps to Success With…