Black Friday Sales we actually like!

Good one at Adorn online. Spend $50 and get $5 off with code BLACKFRI5 Spend $75 and get $10 off with code BLACKFRI10 Spend $150 and get $20 off with code BLACKFRI20 Go to // on the 27th of November only.. well you know.. Black Friday. The Archival:

Galibardy: Brass Meets Unbeatable

Galibardy is the designer of the week for oh so many reasons. One, It’s the hottest week of the year and who wants to talk about wearing more clothes at the moment? Two, they are the most original jewelry company I have seen in several years and three, they cover more ground and will put smiles on more faces than most designers can dream of. They work with brass and enamel, making some of the coolest, cutest and smoothest molds on the market to please everyone from your favorite DJ to your Harajuku obsessed little sister.Cupcakes, airplanes, skulls, polaroid cameras…

Weekly Faves

Basquiat Bento Box, originally uploaded by non no yes. Cotton Zone tunic – Village Thrift, MD JCrew cotton tank Arrowhead belt – gift from Mark (who oddly enough was “pesticiding” this guys house, found it in his basement and the guy gave it to him, then which he placed in my hands and i smiled) H&M corduroy skinnies F21 fringe booties bracelets from some modeling gig in nyc Cargado el 24 de marzo, 2009 por yangyanggo Katya

Edith Keeler

Edith Keeler, originally T-Shirts by Katya Killer of Light. We finally got to do a photo shoot just before going on vacation. At the moment im in Spokane and although Ive had a couple chances to take some photos of people in cool outfits Ive mostly just relaxed around my friend’s house, watched movies and went out taking photos of the neighbourhoods a couple times. Tomorrow is my friends parent’s band’s show at a cafe downtown so I’ll be taking photos there as well but im not sure if the crowd is the type to care about fashion so much….

Interview: Abel Fakel

Abel Fakel is visually irresistible and stylistically one of the most original designers I’ve seen. Their work is reminiscent of times long past; Times when craftsmanship and pride in an artist’s individual piece meant everything. Quality fabrics, beautiful details and thoughtful tailoring to each gorgeous piece.   Try to imagine 19th century “arts and crafts movement”,   meets 20th century movie stars, meets 21st century unstoppable cool. On top of their amazing creations, their inspirations and anti-inspirations will fill nearly anyone with warm feelings; feelings that give us hope for the design industry overall – maybe even mankind. Sometimes I…

The Unwashed Masses

The Unwashed Masses, originally uploaded by Lorena Cupcake. OUTFIT: cutsew Girl Talk “I’M NOT A DJ” shirt, Fiorucci 4 Target hoodie ACCESSORIES: secondhand tights, knee highs and owl from Target, Doc Marten boots GLASSES: Fred Flare wafers with the lenses popped in by INSPIRATION: messy, unshowered, sleepy raver LOCATION: this a train-themed mural in Italian Village, Columbus, which to me always seemed like more of the Short North