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Bohemian and Beautiful: Summer Dresses

Many of us are indoors this summer and it’s getting old. We don’t feel the need to dress up or even wear jewelry. However taking the time to remember who you are when times aren’t so strange can do wonders for your mood. It’s also be a great time to try out a new style and be the person you always wanted to be and felt too afraid to. It’s hard to change when everyone is watching and commenting…

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The 90s Fashion Trends That Are Back in Style

For most of us who grew up in the 90s, we wore whatever our mothers picked out for us that they thought looked cute and stylish. Special occasions called for babydoll dresses or velvet numbers. We had bangs, pulled our hair back in big chunky scrunchies, and may have had a fanny pack strapped around our waists for day trips. The grunge trend brought back flares, jean jackets, flannel shirts, and band tees. Like the popular phrase, “history repeats…

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Off the Shoulder Obsession: How to Master this Trend

The off-shoulder trend has become an obsession all over the fashion world. In fact, it has quickly become a wardrobe essential, especially for those that want a flirty yet flattering look that feels comfortable and stylish. Whether it’s a statement one-shoulder top or a full-off off the shoulder dress, this trendy style allows you to show some skin with an easy-breezy style.  There are so many retailers offering a variety of off-shoulder collections in multiple styles and variations. From…

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Eye-Popping Summer Trends in 2019

Summer is here and you have been waiting all year long for a chance to wear that glowing fresh makeup look. These looks can be bold yet refreshing, eye-catching yet effortless. Summer is the perfect time to try them all! If you are looking for some inspiration, this is the perfect guide to push you in the right direction. Keep reading for the most popular summer trends in 2019.  Your Guide To The Best Beauty And Fashion Trends  Lash…

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New Streetwear Brands to Try in 2019

Streetwear culture is bigger than ever, and with more inspiration coming from all around the world, new brands are becoming available, and old brands are coming back into the spotlight. Whether you’re looking for affordable fashion or a unique take on high fashion, here are 5 brands that are the highlight of 2019 so far.  MisBhv Natalia Maczek is the founder of this iconic brand, and while the Polish designer labels it has streetwear, the is a debate as…

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Copenhagen Fashion Week Athleisure Street Style Vibes

As Copenhagen Fashion Week is behind us, it’s about time we went through the fashion menu and saw what’s hot in the fashion industry. Of course, we mustn’t skip street style either, with one leading trend that stands out from the rest – athleisure. Here are four tips on how to incorporate it into your everyday looks, so check them out and enjoy!   The infamous fanny pack is all the rage If you think that the fashion industry…

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Fashion Capitals Street Style Comparison

Even though high-end designers dictate trends, and we do live in the globalization era, fashionistas of the major fashion capitals have still managed to stick to their signature styles. There is always a common thread, by all means, high-fashion is still a powerful global force, but as we dissect the most dominant trends, a clear image of both similarities and differences will become more than obvious, but let’s let the photos do the talking, shall we? The romantic gene…

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How to Dress for the Fall When the Weather Still Feels Like Summer

The leaves are changing color, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on sale, Halloween candy is front and center in the grocery stores… and yet the weather doesn’t quite feel like fall. How can you dress for the season and the warm temperature? Here are a few hints.   Look for Light Fabrics During this time of year, your first instinct may be to reach for your chunkiest sweater or fleece-lined, plaid flannel. However, if you throw that on before the…

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Boredwalk Los Angeles Says It All

Shopping for some new wearables is one of my favorite activities when transitioning from summer to fall weather. It’s fun to try and match not only those autumn feels, but also your favorite iconography (cats for me) and opinions about current events for this important voting season! I’ve been having a great time choosing tees and sweatshirts with fresh and original designs. I’ve found not only an amazing variety of options matching all my needs and wants in a…