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5 Fitness Fashion Must-Haves for 2022

Paying attention to your fitness habits has become more important than ever now that we’re spending time at home and away from crowded gyms. Maintaining the same fitness routine as pre-pandemic is essential for the body, so you’ll need to make sure you’re fully equipped with functional athleisure. Need a new pair of leggings or a cropped top in your collection? Check out the 5 fitness fashion must-haves for 2022 first, before you start shopping for…

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5 Accessories That Are Guaranteed to Make Your Winter Wardrobe Pop

As far as accessories go, winter fashion tends to stay the same. When you live in colder climates, you always need accessories that will keep you safe and warm. However, no one ever said that you can’t be practical and stylish at the same time. This season, your favorite accessories are getting a twist, giving you the chance to be the best-dressed member of your cold-weather crew. Step out with confidence in the season’s hottest boots.…

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Taking the ’90s Back: How Fashionistas & Brands Have Revamped this Decade of Style

From the colorful splashes of color defining 1990s fashion to the bell-bottom jeans of the 1970s, if there was any specific way to define modern fashion, it’s through the idea of ditching decade-specific attire and making old trends new again.  It’s completely normal to see someone pairing a 60s-style hat with a late 90s shirt or pair of shoes. In a time where the rules have been broken in all the best ways, let’s explore a…

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Instagram Worthy Brunch Outfit Ideas

Brunch used to be for the late risers. Now, this laid-back meal is an opportunity to whip out all your favorite outfits before heading out to meet up with the squad. If you’re looking for inspiration that’s worthy of all the Instagram tags that are coming your way, check out this list of brunch outfits that range from flirty and fun to cool and collected. 1. Floral Dress & Booties If you’re heading out during a…

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How to Define Your Fashion Style for the Fall/Winter Season

We all know that summer is the best season for showing off your best clothing picks, but transitions into fall and winter can also shine a light on your fashion style. Fall is around the corner, and although we’d all love to go back in time and spend a few more months bathing in sunlight, now is the best time to show your unique sense of fashion to the world and find stylish clothing picks that…

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5 Summer Sweater Outfits That Will Keep You Looking Cool and Chic

Gone are the days of having completely separate winter and summer wardrobes, now more than ever we are combining the two to express ourselves year-round. Whether it’s layering summer pieces in the winter or donning warmer accent pieces for the summer months, styling has thankfully been simplified over time. An appropriately hot trend lately has been wearing a sweater or sweater-inspired tops during the summer to prepare for those chilly nights spent around the bonfire. Just…

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Decades and Denim Jeans: A Timeline of our Wardrobe Staples

With the fashion industry constantly innovating the latest seasonal tastes and trends, it’s not easy to keep up with the next best thing all the time. However, one fashion staple that could never be replaced is jeans. Renowned for being the ultimate go-to provider of both comfort and style, we have seen jeans take many different shapes and designs throughout the years. So much so, the concept of jeans has even been combined with the ease…

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Bohemian and Beautiful: Summer Dresses

Many of us are indoors this summer and it’s getting old. We don’t feel the need to dress up or even wear jewelry. However taking the time to remember who you are when times aren’t so strange can do wonders for your mood. It’s also be a great time to try out a new style and be the person you always wanted to be and felt too afraid to. It’s hard to change when everyone is…

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The 90s Fashion Trends That Are Back in Style

For most of us who grew up in the 90s, we wore whatever our mothers picked out for us that they thought looked cute and stylish. Special occasions called for babydoll dresses or velvet numbers. We had bangs, pulled our hair back in big chunky scrunchies, and may have had a fanny pack strapped around our waists for day trips. The grunge trend brought back flares, jean jackets, flannel shirts, and band tees. Like the popular…