Street Fashion

Charms for Charity!

Charms for Charity is an amazing example of a designer using her skills to change the world. We found her on Myspace of all places and are ecstatic to feature her concept on the site!

The Charms for Charity project is a side note for the clothing company Heathcock Clothing. The project was started by designer Ashley Heathcock early this year and can be found on her website MyCharmsforCharity.com.

As with many of us, starting a design career of any kind is an amazing financial sacrifice. Ashley is not without a debt for her skills, racking up a hefty $140,000 in loans at AIU London. Each charm gives a $3 donation to charity, while the rest helps Ashley get on with her promising design career! In a way, a buyer is donating twice!
Learn more about Ashley and Charms for Charity here

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