Chattanooga Street Style

We’ve been on the road since October of last year. Making our way from Portland Oregon, south, then east, then.. maybe north then back west? No idea where we are going but we go at our own pace and we go where we want and that’s what matters. With all the traveling and with the US being huge like it is, we rarely get to very big cities. We stayed in New Orleans for about 4 months – long story told on another blog completely (, and before that we were pretty much rural bound. Now that we’re in the east side of the country, there is a much larger population and therefore a few more big cities throughout and this weeks city is Chattanooga Tennessee. Everyone’s heard of what most likely makes locals gag at the thought of, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, but aside from the Incline Train, a train that takes you straight up a cliff, we don’t care much for the touristy stuff.

What I did think of when we first got here, and started looking around for a cool neighbourhood to get a drink and some veggie food, was a blog I heard about over a year ago, The Chattanoogan. Think what you want about the South but if you haven’t been here, you don’t know shit. I’m a victim of being ignorant of the south myself, making my judgement based on its political history, the movie Deliverance and visions of guys with rebel flags in mud covered pickup trucks, knocking on our trailer door with a shotgun.. but I was very, very wrong.  The south is less racist than Oregon has ever and may ever be, the hip are fewer and farther between making them a little less generic and people are generally pretty friendly, except some of the non generic hip people (as usual). The South has also proven to be one of the most open minded, vegetarian wise and we’ve found great eats in every city and small town we’ve been to so far. We never would have found a veggie place west of New Orleans, as far west as LA almost, the South West is sparse to say the least (but still my favorite).

I havent been out enough on the streets to take any photos yet but The Chattanoogan takes pretty good care of that, blogging on a pretty regular basis they styles and scene of Chattanooga and as far South as Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s a few of their photos and after this weekend, our last in Chattanooga, I’ll have plenty to write about after seeing the stores and more of the off beat cafes and bars this town has to offer.

On Frazier Ave

Treggings in Little Five Point

Visit them online: //

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