China for Fashion Lovers

Over the last few years, China has experienced a tremendous improvement in its fashion industry. Well, this is perhaps due to an increase in incomes, domestic consumption, urbanization and technology. The demand for accessories and apparel is anticipated to continue to rise and become increasingly intricate soon. Currently, China hosts several thriving domestic brands that offers something truly unique and unlike anywhere else in the world. The Chinese consumers are progressing towards a lifestyle where they demand fashion-forward pieces and to be recognized as a growing fashion capital. 

Home to Shanghai Where You Can Explore the Chinese Street Style

Across the world, the fashion industry seems to modernize yearly with new platforms, new features and new experiences. As a result, the fashion industry in China, especially Hong Kong and Shanghai, are on a whole new level. Presently, the Chinese street style is much more experiential and immersive.

Fashion brands in the country have been looking forward to cross-sector collaborations. For example, video games have become a striking mix of universes as more and more apparel brands work hand in hand with popular games since they are things you can do while out in about. Blended with streetwear, it’s something that really can’t be missed in Shanghai. 

Western Style Influence in Hong Kong

The fashion industry has been travelling back and forth from the East to the West over the years, which is the case until now. For centuries, China has been a preference for gowns and advanced construction of clothing. More recently, China and Hong Kong specifically have become an appealing inspiration for the Western Style. Hong Kong and around the area of Macao are major influences for Western fashion, some even naming it the Hollywood of Asia. This area is also really easily to explore and hosts one of the longest bridges in the world, easily connecting fashion and ideas between this chic area of the world. 

Hong Kong is known for its glamour, its appeal, also thanks to be it being a part of the United Kingdom for so long, it’s got a bit of British punk and Chinese elegance to blend perfectly international style. 

The Blend of Goth-Like Aesthetic with Traditional Appeals

Goth is a fashion style that originated in the UK in the 1980s following the rise of the popular music genre, gothic rock. Additionally, goth fashion take inspiration from multiple styles in gothic horror films and gothic literature. The Chinese current fashion style is bringing this fashion back to life.

Another thing about the Chinese style is that it takes after its traditions. So, if you walk down the streets, you will find people donning the traditional Hanfu clothing. The Chinese are actually innovative when it comes to wearing their traditional attire and you’ll find they blend tradition with modern, dark color schemes really well.

Young Designers That Deserve to Be Seen

Now in China, there are endless young designers and brands that have done their fashion education in other capital cities like Paris, Milan, or Los Angeles and have brought their knowledge back home to create a unique aesthetic. These young designers are literally inventing fabrics, ways of producing clothes, introducing new sustainability practices, and finally are getting recognized around the world. 

The rise of the Chinese apparel industry will only increase since today’s and tomorrow’s generation have access to digital tools. The points mentioned above make the country a favorite when it comes to fashion, particularly those attracted to technology, new fabrics, and the desire to be a divergent.

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